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Camping World / sales and repairs

1 Oakwood GA, United States

we made an online offer on a new 2016 Crossroads z-1 272bh. we took out the bogus freight charge and dealer fee that only CW tries to charge. they accepted our offer so we went that Saturday to look at the camper. we decided we would get it. they told us we would pay a higher interest rate since we were paying a big down payment. I told them to give me back my $500 deposit and i would leave. (should have done that)! they finally said I could get 5.9% so we agreed. got in the finance managers office and he showed me what my monthly payment would be. I told him according to the payment calculator on their website the payment was too high. he grabbed the piece of paper and left the room. he came back in a few minutes with the correct amount. don't let them talk you into a good sam extended warranty like I did. we took the camper in September of 2015. the trim on the countertop was chipped and they assured me they would order a piece and call in about 2 weeks. at the end of December, I e-mailed corporate about the trim. I was contacted by someone at the oakwood ga store and had to tell them that there were pictures and an order on my file at their store. they finally found it and ordered it. only took 3 months. then in july, we were cleaning the camper for a trip, and I noticed the staples were coming out on the edge of the roof. in fact, it had ripped the rubber roof where it goes under the trim on the side. I contacted an independent rv repairman with over 30 yrs. experience and neither he nor I saw any cuts on the roof. he said it was a manufacturing defect. it was still under warranty so i called crossroads to see if an independent repair shop could do the repair. they said it would have to be an authorized dealer. I called southern rv in mcdonough ga and they said they were behind and it would probably be best to take it back to CW. (should have waited on them)! took it to CW on July 16th. on July 27th, they called and said the problem was not warranty but the camper had 2 cuts on the roof . I had pictures but not from the right angle to disprove their claim. (if you think you have a warranty repair on your roof, take pictures of every square inch of it) . so I called the insurance co. and got a claim #. called CW back with the #. gave the insurance adjuster the contact name and number. the guy in service waited 3 weeks to pass the info on to the collision manager so he could file with insurance. when they finally filed the claim, then had to wait 10 days on approval because of the louisiana flood claims that were coming in. they finally got started on repairs. was told it was ready to pick up on Oct. 8th. drove the 54 miles to the store and the tv antenna would not come all the way down, there was debris under the new roof membrane and to make it worse, they had scraped the side of the camper in about 5 places. I left it and had the insurance co. send someone to see what a bad job they were paying for. finally picked it up on nov. 5th. the tv antenna still would not come down and they had to adjust it while I waited. I have let all my good sam memberships expire and will never buy or have a camper worked on at CW again. find yourself a reputable dealer and buy from them!!!

Nov 13, 2016

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