Burlington Coat Factoryonline ordering

J Nov 27, 2017

After my first order I had to return most of the products I ordered on;line due to I was sent the wrong items after driving over an hour away to return THE items I had to take gift cards because my husband had his debit card we used to order could not put it on my debit card even tho It was the same account so we had to place another order online after the original order was charged to my account 3 times the second order was wrong yet again I didn't get the whole order this time so guess what another gift card for only a PARCIAL payment in a gift card form again and not even the full amount of the missing items after a 3 and 4 th call because YOUR KIND CUSTOMER SERVICE KEPT HANGING UP a USELESS GIFT CARD THAT I WILL HAVE TO DRIVE HRS TO USE OR PAY EXTREME SHIPPING AGAIN FOR MY MONEY I WONT EVER SEE NOR PRODUCTS I WONT EVER GET I AM A FASHION BLOGGER AND TRUST I WILL ONLY GIVE BAD REVIEWS FOR THIS SITE AND STORE ITS AS IF I WAS RIPPED OFF MORE THAN ONCE THIS IS NOT A CONVIENCCE TO HAVE TO GO THRU ALL OF THIS TO SHOP YOUR ONLINE STORE I KNOW MY ONE COMPLAINT ISNT GOING TO CHANGE ANY PRACTICES YOU DO BUT FOR MY 15000 FOLLOWERS I HOPE I CAN STOP THEM FROM GOING THRU WHAT I HAVE HAD TO GO THRU TO DO A LITTLE XMAS SHOPPING

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