Burlington Coat Factory Direct Corporation / rude manager and embarrassing in front of others

I went in to Burlington coat factory today afternoon to return a brand new shirt never worn still has the tags on it. I brought the shirt in April and never got a chance to return it until today. The cashier began the transaction and she finished she proceeded to hand me a gift card (which is fine ) but on there was 7.41 dollars the shirt cost was 22.99. She told me even though they have the receipt online from my number that it has been over 30 days. I told her all the years I have been shopping here I never seen that on a displayed or back of the receipt. That I was always told if they don't have a recipt or can not pull it up by number that they have to refund the lowest marked price.

When the manager came down him and the cashier was talking and he looked and said to me that is our policy, I told him the same thing I told her and I told him I will keep the shirt and as I was informing him that the mangers and cashiers they refunded for the full amount and he cut me off and kept saying ok.

That was very rude of him. My mother return a never worn coat without a tag and the cashier found the recipt by her number in the system and refunded her the full amount. I brought a pair of pants that was never worn and they did the same gave me a full refund.

Instead of the the manager asking who approved it and when he cut me off and kept saying okay. And that he is the store manager. I never seen him I see an older male and a a older lady that are managers but never him so for him to be rude in front of others and then when I walk away laugh with the cashier. Was hurtful because I never raised my voice I was respectful and was trying to let him know that the policy he say was how it always was, was never followed if it was in place . But I could not because he was being rude.

I spent so much money at Burlington coat factory. Trust me I do not plan on going back buying anything. It is not because my shirt would not get refunded the full amount it was because the manager was very rude and did all that unprofessional in front of other customers.

Instead of him being rude all he could of said was " I am sorry that you have been getting the incorrect information and I will make sure all staff and other managers are aware of the policy." Now that would have been great customer service and still upholding a policy he states is in place.

Aug 04, 2018

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