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There are incompetent employees working in the drive through area. The Burger King is located on 107th Ave and 72 St. in Miami, FL. On more than one instance, I have ordered breakfast, lunch and dinner for my parents who love eating at fast food places. Whenever I place an order, I try to make it simple enough that even a fifth grader would understand. Bottom line is that they always give me the wrong order. Today I ordered 6 hamburgers, No ketchup, extra pickles. When I got home, there were 6 cheeseburgers in the bag. Last time I ordered, they gave me several cheeseburgers with only mustard and no pickles when I specifically told them No ketchup, extra pickles. We reviewed the order on the screen and they still got it wrong. Incompetent people or they just don't understand the English language or simply they just need more training.

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      21st of Jun, 2015

    Actually a nice order so simple that a fifth grader could understand it would be to order the sandwiches exactly as they are made, not six hamburgers, no pickles, and extra ketchup. Furthermore if you are ordering take out you could add extra pickles at home. Another solution would be to take your parents out to eat, that way when you get to your table if the order wasn't right you could take it back to the counter and it would be corrected. Also there are more fast food places than BK, why do you keep going back if you are so unhappy with the service. It isn't a matter of the employees being incompetent or not understanding plain English as you so NICELY put it, even needing more training. None of that is the problem, any time time a restaurant has the word "fast" in it to describe the service, there is bound to be mistakes, because of the "fast." Mistakes can also happen at the drive through because service is supposed to be more fast there. It sounds like you have a lot of expectations for what you want. Also it wouldn't kill you to take your parents out to a real restaurant where they would get actual real food. Grow up!!!

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