Burger King / worst experiences

Today i went to your store #422, and it was disgusting. I went there a few weeks back hoping to see a particular area cleaned. Today i found that it still was not. This is the closest burger king to me and it's unfortunate that it's horrible and unsanitary. I went there today to use my coupons you guys send to your customers with the great deals. Only to be highly disappointed with hash browns fried in old grease, with two sandwiches that wasn't even on the coupon but some how were given (i guess she didn't understand the coupon. I'm sitting here at my desk sick to my stomach and that doesn't make any sense. I should be able to go to any burger king and receive the great food i expect. I'm truly considering calling the health department because this is not right!! someone needs to check into this location.

Nov 28, 2017

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