Burger Kingservice

i was at our local burger king in hutchinson ks at 201 east 4th and had my two teenagers with me and we went thru the drive thru and ordered off the back of the receipt 9487 which is get a free whopper with the purchase of a drink and fries. i ordered three of them as the night before we were informed about this and we liked it so we returned only this time the lady whose name is Summer told us to just pull to the window and we did just so she could tell us we could only order one. we explained to her that the night before we were suggested to order this and did and had the receipt to show it which she looked at ans still told us no. i then asked to speak with a manager and she said i will ask manager. So a man comes to the window and says your gonna have to come inside and this was the last sttraw they then told us we couldnt order any and i said im sorry i will go somewhere else and they said ok and didnt even try to persuade us to stay at burger king. We then drove to the other location on north main street went thru drive thru ordered the same thing and the lady was very nice said sure thats no problem and we got our food and it was kinda nasty as the fries were clearly OLD and im just very frustrated with this whole situation. What happened to the customer is ALWAYS RIGHT.

Jun 04, 2018

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