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Burger King / service and restaurant cleanness

1 Rittiman n fm78San Antonio, TX, United States

This second time I go to our new burger King in our neighborhood, which just opened. My experience is bad. I went today (christmas day) to get burgers for my family. I placed my order and waited almost 30 mins. for my order. I used the restroom while I waited which the mens room was very dirty. I waited for my food to come out and still nothing. I noticed the kitchen very dirty with fries and nuggets all on the floor while a bucket next to the fryers on the floor already over full with fries n nuggets and trash. I soon saw my burgers being done. All needed was my fries. The line to order was about 7 people. Customers waiting to pick up their orders were about the same. Ten min. Later still they hadn't call my number but I knew my burgers were ready all I need was my fries which were already ready. I guess she was a manager. A little 4ft tall black girl which was being rude to customers when they would ask for condiments or tops for their soda cups. Which the soda counter was very dirty also. She didn't say anything but kept rolling her eyes. I was hearing other customers smacking the mouth and complaining how slow they were. While all this is going on that little black girl was being slow at other order because the burger finish line was full like about 25 to 30 burgers besides mine that were done. She kept complaining to other employees about one order that something was missing. She looked very frustrated. She kept putting her shoulders on the counter and would put her head in between them and cover her ears as to being frustrated. Also drinking a bottle of water that she had on the front counter. I went up to the counter and said if I could get my order cause my burgers were getting cold and I had seen them get done 10 mins. ago and all that was needed was my fries. She looked at my for about 4 seconds and proceed almost screaming at me telling me that other customers were waiting for their orders too and I wasn't the only one there. I said that I had been observing her how slow she was and all those orders were done and she had been complaining to her employees about one order for the last 10 min. She said screaming at me that she had the right to refuse service which I never saw a sign about refusing service. And that if I didn't want to wait a little longer she would give me my money back and she never wanted to see me there again. She was literally screaming at that point. All the customers were there about 25 to 30 people either waiting for their food or In line wait to place their order. She literally said that if she would come out from behind the counter that it would not be nice for me. Everyone started laughing cause she was little and I'm about 6ft tall, I was thinking to myself did she really just assault me. like what the heel is this little adult going to do to me. While she's still screaming and making a big scene the cashier started with me about Mr being rude. I told her that my burgers were ready 10 min ago and all was needed was my fries and that I didn't want my burgers being cold. The cashier said she didn't want to see me there anymore. I told her I wouldn't go there anymore. I asked the cashier what was that black girls name cause I was going to file a report and she told me for me to ask her. I walked out went to sonic around the corner which I was out of there in 10 min after ordering the same thing 6 burgers and 2 small fries. Your employees need to wear hair nets.

Dec 25, 2018

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