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Reviews and Complaints

Burger King1cent whopper campaign

Dec 9 2018
Portsmouth VA 23703
High Street/Western Branch franchise.

i appreciate BK as a eating establishment; often redeeming the coupon found on the back of my most current receipt, as I have done for years. My issue concerns first) the Android Mobile application and second) the local franchise policy to honor a nationwide coupon. The 1 Cent Whopper on the Mobile application coupon offer (even with the permissions enabled for location settings on my phone would not enable the Whopper purchase, even sitting in my car 25 feet from McDonalds front entrance). I have the camera image.
Secondly, when I drove the 4 blocks to the closest BK franchise to explain the situation. I was told by the on Duty Manager that their store does not participate in this particular offer, and That i would have to drive 5 miles away to another store which supposedly would participate. They wouldnt provide a contact point for District or Regional Headquarters.
In order to enable a more positive customer experience I would appreciate fixing the Moble app integration with GPS on the phone to give me credit for driving to McD's. Second I did not see anywhere either on the Mobile App or multiple news sources that this offer was specific franchise dependent. (The news sources indicated that this 1 Cent Whopper was a great advertising campaign and driving to McD's a great gimmick). To this I agreed, however my problems have left me soured and frustrated.

Please resolve, thank you

Mr Dean Hibbard