Burger King / not using glove when servicing food

Redding, CA, United States

Visit Burger King during a visit to Redding CA. I went to BK to order a Veggie sandwich and noticed the food server was not using gloves to prepare food. He touch my food with his bare hands I report to the clerk immediately that the food server should be wearing gloves when working with food. The clerk stating yes he should be wearing gloves, but oh well. I was very upset and request food server not to touch food with bare hands.
I noticed even after receiving my order that gloves were not used to when servicing other customers.

Redding Burger King store # where this incident happened 1838 on March 26 at 10:36AM. I am request that Burger King management look into this problem ASAP and retrain the staff to wear gloves when working with food.

Jay Harper

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