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On thursday, may 31, 2018 at 11:51pm I order 2 bacon double cheeseburgers plain a 10pc nugget and value fries and onion rings for a late night snack. The cashier repeated my order and began to ring it up correctly as I was at the speaker then tell me to drive around as i'm watching the screen to ensure my order was correct. As I drive around my total is 10.29 because she rang what she wants too. I then received 2 bacon cheeseburgers plain, cold fries and onion rings and a fresh 20pc nugget. As I turn around to bring my order back the cashier gets an attitude I remained calm as she called for a mgr perhaps named mrs. Toya that never came to help her refund my money or correct things. I was then charged.89 for a meat patty when it wasnt my error and as I asked for a refund for 10pc because I didnt order the 20pc she walks away asking the mgr for help before the [censored] at the window piss her off. If you review footage the gentleman at the front was startled by her comment and I am very dissatisfied with the service especially when I did no wrong. My drive thru order is 98. The cashier did print a duplicate with not much information but now burger king gains more profit and i'm still hungry.

Burger King

Jun 01, 2018

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