Burger Kingorders always wrong, and not open on time in the mornings.

the burger king in nicholasville ky. is not always open on time in the morning. the last two times i went to get food for dinner my order was wrong. last time my two orders of fries were not in the bag when i got home. tonight i used a coupon for two mills for 8.99. i gave her the coupon number at the speaker ordered cheese on both burgers one with out pickle and lettuce. i ask for sweet tea for the drink but told her i only wanted one of the drinks. it came to 15 dollars and something. i ask how it could be that much when i got to the window and the lady said i ordered cheese on them. i told her that with my coupon it still should not be that much.she said i should tell them i have a coupon at the speaker. i told her i had and she asked for the number again. she practically through the bag of food at me after she fixed my total. when i got home i did not have the cheese on my burgers that i paid for and my sweet tea was coke. the orders from this store are always wrong. the factory where i work is close and people from work go there for lunch and they joke about how close what they get is to what they really ordered. i guess i will be driving to lexington to saron drive burger king from now on. just wont be able to get my whopper fix as often.

Dec 02, 2018

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