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Burger King - Matlock Road In Arlington, TX / overcharge

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I want to file a complaint. I was charged $4.08 at a Burger King on Matlock Road in Arlington, TX, for a sausage biscuit and a medium diet coke. I tried correcting the cashier by reminding him that I had not ordered a full meal combo, but he said he had NOT charged for me for a meal. There is no way that just a sausage biscuit and a medium diet coke should cost that much. The prices on the menu indicate that it should cost much less. I was overcharged, the cashier insisted he was correct, and I will not go back to that Burger King--or any that is connected with those who own it--EVER AGAIN. And I am making a point of telling EVERYONE I know what happened--'cause it wasn't just being overcharged that bothered me. It was that the cashier, who should know the prices of the menu items VERY WELL, argued the point with me. That's what REALLY got me.
Arlington, TX

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  • Ka
      6th of Dec, 2007
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    My daughter went to Burger King today and asked for a Chicken Sandwich. When she went to eat it. She opened up the Sandwich to make sure it had no lettuce in it and she found it had no lettuce in it alright, but it had also had been partially eaten and you can see the teeth marks where someone had take a bite out of the chicken. That is absolutely disgusting and totally unheatlthy. She called the store and the Manager had the nerve to argue with her and hang up. Samantha explained that she had taken a picture of it. What kind of Manager acts like that. Everyone at the company where she works knows what has happened and I am making sure that I tell everyone I know about this. We have the sandwich with the teeth marks in it.

  • Br
      16th of Feb, 2008
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    I went to Burger King on the corner of Division Street and Airline Hwy in Metairie a few months ago. I was in the line in front of the first customer. After I ordered my meal for my mother and I. I saw a man come in to sell some bottles of VODKA to the employees at Burger King. They bought the bottle of VODKA and put it on the coutertop in the back. The manager knew about it and she bought a bottle for herself too. I hope that they caught it on camera so the owner can see for themselves. I was shocked and surprised that these ladies at burger king would buy alcohol from a customer.

    A few weeks later there was a child who was running around behind the counter while their mother was working. It is very dangerous to have a child run around behind the counter where the employees are cooking off of the hot stoves. I was worried about that child because she could get hurt behind the counter around the hot cooking areas. The manager didnt seem mind! A few days later we went to eat again and we had ordered meals for five people. We waited 15 minutes for our order to come they had us pull around in front of the fast food restraunt and finally they brought our food out, about 30 seconds after we left we found something wrong with our order so we went back to get it fixed they had gave us 7 chicken fingers on a 9 piece chicken meal 2 of them were half way gone already like someone had eaten them but there were no teeth marks! so they gave us another meal of chicken fingers! ok we had left for the second time and about 2 minutes after that there was another problem with my childs meal. we ordered a jr cheese whopper with everything on it except for mayonaisse, onions, and tomato and they gave us a burger with nothing on it except for meat and ketchup so we went back to get it fixed and they fixed it and we left for the third time. There was still something wrong with it after we had repeated the order several times. so we went back for the fourth time and we had to go in and watch them for the fourth time to make sure that they got it right.

    Again, we went to burger king and we ordered a kids meal, chicken burger, whopper , and chicken fries with two coke iceys and a root beer. The put the what was supposed to be large coke iceys in a small cup with little lid. and did not put our order of chicken fries in the bag we found out when we got home and looked and then had to go all the way back to get our order straight. This has happen NUMEROUS times we have complained every time and still there has been NO change at ALL!!!!!!!!!!! I EXPECT FOR THIS TO CHANGE, VERY SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am very tired of these people, they are not very well organize, smart, and are not the right people to work there. The manager needs to be replace by a professional manager. I recommend to have a camera installed so it can record what goes on everyday to know what employees doing everyday in front of the customer.

  • Jo
      19th of Feb, 2008
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    There is a real simple solution-don't eat at that burger king anymore!!! in fact, you should'nt be eating that crap in the first place!!! it's all processed junk food

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