Burger King / manager (juan)

The Burger King on (535 US Highway 27, Clermont FL, 34714), there has been an incident that concerns me. My General manager named Janitza (speaks a little English), text messaged me on 11/29/2017 to come in at 6:00 pm. As I arrive, Juan, the shift manager, puts seven fingers up, looking at a wall about 1 foot away from me. Not knowing who he was talking to, I asked him what he meant by that. He then kept putting seven fingers up and rolled his eyes and walked away, so I walked behind him to ask him if he was speaking to me. He continued to ignore me and we both arrived in the office. As we go in the office, he told Janitza how he does not want me to come in because the service will go down (laughing)and he wants me there at 7. Janitza then told him, "No, I would like Chester to come in at 6pm, since we need to cut labor. Send the other man who is here home". He then yelled at me and said "FINE, CHESTER CLOCK IN NOW!", I told to him that I needed his authorization to clock in, and he said, "Ask someone else, I'm not clocking you in". I felt very upset that he would treat me this way, yelling at me in front of co workers and the general manager. After ward, I was working throughout the whole day alone; which consisted of pre closing the sandwich station, washing dishes and making sandwiches. During this time, there were two other girls named Jordan and Perich that he would constantly talk to and make jokes with. During the course of me working, he would constantly be in my ear screaming and telling me to do things I was in the process of doing. For example, as I was in the process of preclosing, he got really close to my ear and yelled, "Chester! You need to pre close these meat racks too!" And I just agreed and said "Okay." While I was in the process of making sandwiches I asked him if he would please place a sandwich bin underneath the meat grill, so when the burgers came out, the grease will not land on the floor and it would be much easier to close the store. As I explained this to him, he ignored me and would not even look at me. As I was doing the dishes, he screamed and told me to do the sandwiches, mind you, there had been a situation before where he sent me home because I did not keep up with cleaning my own dishes, so I asked him if I am able to complete these dishes first, and if he may have someone else do them. He then glared at me and said, "NO, GO ON SANDWICHES RIGHT NOW! What's wrong with you?" and dehumanized me in front of guests and the whole team, this made me feel inadequate. I then listened to him and made sandwiches for guests. There was a girl named Jordan who was with him after I got done with making sandwiches and she said "Juan, I wish I could eat a chicken sandwich right now, " after she said that I am turning and leaving to get sandwich bread and as my back is turned, I hear Juan say, "I wish Chester can go the hell home already". I ignored him and continued to place my whopper bread on the rack, where the sandwich station is. Then he said, "Yes, so Chester, why are you still here? HUH? HUH? HUH". I asked him, "Juan, why are you so mean to me? Prior in letting you know how you should place the bin underneath the meat oven, you ignored me and didn't even look at me. That really hurt me". He then said "Because you were being stupid for telling me something I already know." I then said "I was just reminding you, I apologi-", He then cut me off and said " I don't have time for your [censor] and I want you to leave already." I said "Okay." So then I left. I care a lot about Burger King and I'm afraid to lose my job. The store manager knows a little bit of English and I feel discriminated against.

Nov 29, 2017

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