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I'm an employee at this Burger King. It was around 5 o'clock. And I was being slammed with orders. I had little to no help. The assistant manager. Named Eliot was busy loading a chair for the office when another assistant manager asked me if I needed help I said no, but I appreciated the fact that he had asked me if I needed help. When Elliot replied, there's only 4 sandwiches that need to be made. That if I didn't suck so bad I wouldn't need help, I replied, did you just say that I suck? He replied very loudly in front of customers and other employees that I suck completely. At everything I do Not only did he embarrass me, but he be little to me made me feel very bad about myself. I am trying very hard at my job and to become a manager myself, I didn't want to mention this because I am in fear of losing my job or even getting into a manager position, but he made me feel very down on myself, and if this cost is me my job or my position, then so be it, but for me to be treated the way I deserve in the respect that I give I feel as if I should be. He also replied that managers should not be making sandwiches all day. My own thought to that is managers are supposed to be there to help their fellow employees, and I have absolutely no help.


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      Nov 28, 2017

    You will want to direct this complaint to upper manager or a human resources employee. The proper individuals most likely will not see this here and posting about the issue online could affect your job negatively.

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