Burger KingI did not receive what my phone app offered.

On my app was an offer to get Whopper for a penny by going within 600' of McDonalds and then unlocking the lock on the app that would get you a Whopper for a penny. I did this. The lock unlocked and said I had an hour to get to a Burger King to claim my Whopper. I traveled three miles to a Burger King, stood in line for ten minutes and then was told they were not doing that promotion because it was not a corporate store. It was a stand alone store, not in a gas station etc. so it looked like a corporate store to me. The manager could not tell me where a corporate store was. She said she and everyone there was new. She said she wished Corporate had been more clear about how to get the Whopper for a penny, that it was only at certain Corporate stores. Since the offer appeared in my phone app I did not think it was a scam. I think I should at least get a Whopper for a penny for my effort, maybe two or three for my time and gas. :). I was disappointed and so was my wife to whom I was going to give the Whopper while she was at work.

  • Updated by James Humann, Dec 05, 2018

    I have no updates since I just registered my complaint.

Dec 05, 2018

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