Burger King / forgot item, very slow service.

First I ordered two whoppers meals with 2 cokes and 2 fries.
At east state across Walgreens Rockford Il. I had a coupon and was explaining about it and then get interrupted about the coupon and didn't let me finish. And I ordered cokes and ordered a small onion ring on the side. I went to the window and got my order and then started to leave and noticed I had no onion rings and was never given a receipt so I drove back around to the drive thru window and told them and they told me to pull up but there were 4 cars in front of me and the person in the drive thru was taking like 30 minutes for each car and I got tired of waiting so I left to another burger king to get onion rings and by the time I got there my food had gotten cold and I had to reorder a brand new meal and pay for it for full because the other burger King took too long so I spent twice the money for only 1 meal that was good because of the extremely slow service of the first burger King.

May 31, 2018

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