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Brooksville, FL, United States
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Upon arriving through the drive thru at store # 19650 i stated my order which was quite simple and had to repeat it a second time and then correct her to a third time whereas it was finally correct. We told the girl at the speaker what sauces we wanted ( just 2) and that we wanted two sprites with the value meals. When we get to the window we are handed two 'cokes' instead of sprite? i reminded her of the sauces and when she handed me the food bags i asked her if the sauces were in the bag. She assured me they were. I glanced in and noticed we were missing one large french fry? they get it and we leave. We get to our destination and we unload the bag only to discover no sauces and now my daughter has to eat a 10 piece chicken nugget with no sauce. Is working at burger king that hard???? seriously four mistakes in a 3-person drive-thru order?? they weren't even busy. It was after the lunch crowd at 2:30 pm and there was only us and one other car there. We pay decent money and just want what we order?? not to difficult is it? maybe retrain people. They shouldn't be working the drive-thru unless they have proved themselves with speed and accuracy. We ordered 2 whoppers with cheese, 2 fries, 2 sprites, one 10 pc. Nugget and a large fry. Pretty simple. Order #60 on 5-11-17 merchant number [protected]. Would like a partial refund for my aggravation.

May 12, 2017

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