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Burger King / terrible food!

1 616 Broad StElyria, OH, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 440-323-7060

My name is Chandra, and my boyfriend Tony, myself and our friend Brandon came two days ago for a free hot meal at St. Andrews Church, as none of us had what to eat at all that day, and due to Lent it was canceled, so being that we had to eat, we went to this place... lucky us. I am ashamed to admit it, but we got our order to go and ate it in the restaurant, as we were low on money. Our order consisted of four Whopper Jr sandwiches, two ice waters (my boyfriend and I do not drink soda) and an order of Mozzarella Sticks, and our friend got a Chicken Fries value meal. Not only did the cashier (Patricia) make us feel like compleat slime by telling another counterperson 'Make sure they get the clear cups', they also served us cold food with rotten-tasting mayonnaise, the mozzarella sticks tasted like breaded pencil erasers and they didn't even get my sauce right, Brandon's fries looked like dead worms that had been rolled in dirt, I tasted one of Brandon's Chicken Fries... blargggh.

Why, Father Thor, why?? And the service was the worst I've ever seen, the crew stared at us like we were aliens and one terribly rude African-American cashier came up to Brandon (who is supersized and has schizophrenia and is a regular customer.) and informed him very rudely that he had not paid tax on his soda, and almost had him in tears. So we opened our food, and tasted it. What kind of ###s make this slop!?!? It was the worst thing I have ever eaten, and that is saying a lot if you've ever eaten my mother's cooking... I also believe that our poor treatment had to do with racism (the whole crew but Patricia were black) and stereotyping of my heavy metal lifestyle (I was wearing an Iron Maiden t-shirt and I have two pierced eyebrows) and my preference for slightly chubby guys with facial hair and my friend's weight (He is 6 foot tall and 330 lbs).

The long and short of it that this place is to be avoided at all costs, it's a ghetto dump and you're better off at the McDonalds down the road. Not worth the money. This place needs to shape up or ship out. Pure rubbish!!!

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  • Do
      6th of Apr, 2008
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    I just purchased a texas burger from your restaurant in moab utah it probably would have been ok but all i could taste was mustard i was really disappointed i will not buy another one. I am usually happy with most every thing i get there besides the employees which i understand being in the restaurant business my self in moab you don't have a lot of people to choose from. I just had to say something this time.

  • Cr
      7th of Aug, 2009
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    Many times I have eaten at Burger King in many different states.
    I was recently at the one in Casper WY. Located at 81 SE. Wyoming blvd. The service was fair in the beginning. After waiting 20 min.
    for the food, which was a sandwich only. There were less the two cars
    in drive through and three other people in the store, all eating by now.
    When I got my order it was body tempiture warm. I had to deal with the shift mgr. because the GM was not in. I asked if they cook te bergers there or are they cooked in advanced then frozen and shipped.
    You know McDonolds dose this. She said NO they are cooked fresh.
    Really I said. So if it is so fresh wy is mine cold? Are you telling me you don't just microweve them long after they are cooked? Yes she said. Then how come I see the guy in the assembly area putting ever sandwich in a microwaive. You just told me a direct lie!

    As a result I will never visit a Buger King in Casper again.
    Quite a shame concidering I live in this city.
    I am boycoting Burger King and I advise ever person I know and will meet not to go there. I cant get a name or phone number for this district manager so this is they way I have to go.

    I encourege everyone who reads theese Blogs to Boycot this company.
    I have been in the food industry a few years on and off again, But at all the places I worked we would offer to refund the money back or offer some other compensation. Burker King on offered a week apology.

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