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Reviews and Complaints

termite damage to the restaurant.

This restaurant has had very visible termite damage for over 3 years. I have sent a letter to Customer Relations Dept. asking when this can be repaired. It is very disturbing to look at and in my opinion reflects poorly on the Burger King company. I've included photos that honestly don't really show the full extent of the outer appearance the place

termite damage to the restaurant.
termite damage to the restaurant.
termite damage to the restaurant.

Resolved the drive-thru guy stole my change

I visited the store at the drive-thru. I had a balance on my gift card of $2.13. The employee at the window initially told me I had no balance and the card was empty. I told him I had just called the 1-800 number on the card and know I had a balance. He still insisted the card did not work. So I said if she wasn't going to use it then give it back to me. He said it was empty and I didn't need it. When I began to make a fuss he walked over to a female manager and spoke to her. Then he swiped the card in a machine. Magically I was then told the gift card worked. Initially the drive thru employee told me my total was 13.98, after processing the gift card-- my new balance was--13.98. When I explained that was not possible-I said the balance would be reduced by the gift card. He then told me my new balance was 12.00. I said this wasn't right either. If I first owed 13.98 and I used a gift card containing 2.13 my new total would be 11 something. As I was disputing this the female manager came over and manually subtracted and came up with the total of 11.86 (it is actually 11.85 by the way). I handed the drive thru guy cash in the amount of 20.36-- he calculated my change at 8.16. At this point I am super angry and I explain this is NOT the correct amount of change. It is very clear to me they WERE NOT using their cash registers (and pocketing the cash) and I demanded my correct change. At this point I am being loud, the female manager came over and said-- you need to go and shut the drive thru window on me. I am beyond mad now and start yelling louding, "excuse the [censored] out if me for asking for my correct change back". Yelling got me no where. Now I wonder what they could have done to my food. I end up tossing it for fear one of them spit in it at the McD's instead next door.

So this happened on a Tues night-- I don't have time at work to call the next day and speak to the day manager (who is normally higher up) and call Thursday to speak to a manager. He is not shocked about this and actually discloses the female manager does not work there as of the day after my visit (I guess they figured out she was stealing). He asks what he can do for me. I tell him I don't want to play this game, just tell me what he is going to do. He tells me next time I come in, he will refund my money AND replace the food. He takes my full name and phone number.

So Sat 2/2/2008 about 8pm I send my husband over. He give my name and explains what he is there for. No one knows anything about this and can't help him. He is told no one wrote anything in the book. He explains what happened on Tues and they guy in charge today (Rodolpho) doesn't seem to want to help or make good on the store manager's offer now. My husband is there for about half hour trying to get them to call the Thursday morning manager to no good. He leaves empty handed.

So this morning Sun 2/3 about 8am I call and ask to speak to the store manager- I get Monica today and explain what happened last night, Thursday morning, and Tuesday night. She said she knows nothing about this and is busy and tells me to call back later.

I am beyond angry now. What is wrong here? Money has been taken from me and NO ONE at this Burger King seems to care. I realize it is NOT alot of money-- but I am sure it would be against the law if I went around and took 50 cents from every person I saw. This is beyond ridiculous but I don't want to drop the issues because it makes what they did ok.

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    bigsmellyman Feb 15, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Sounds like they need a rock through their front window.

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    fish Jan 25, 2009

    a similar thing happened to me at Peet's coffee. the worker pocketed my card and gave me a blank one - and Peet's corporate (who I phoned AND emailed) had absolutely NO interest in this when I tried to tell them!
    From now on I am xeroxing (front and back) any gift card I get. Thank you for letting me know of your experience at BK.

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    kaos991 Aug 04, 2009

    I know this was a while back, but I'll comment anyways.

    I would NOT have played this little game with them. I would have called corporate, written every nasty review on every possible website, and probably stood outside of that BK letting all the customers know it was a rip-off place. There is absolutely NO reason for the way they treated you, and no reason for ex-employees to be there. What a nasty place.

    I have never had that bad of an experience, but if I do have bad experiences, I write a "nice complaint" email to corporate--forget the manager of the store--and if that doesn't work, I get nasty. I keep emailing & keep getting nastier until I threaten to write reviews and such. They don't like that.

    Somehow, they always call or write, sending dozens of coupons or vouchers, kissing my a$$ to high Heaven.

    I hope in the years since, you have had better experiences.

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