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Colonial Heights, VA, United States
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I visited the Burger King store #1861 this morning at 9:55. I went through the drive thru. I ordered two large combos with OJ and three 3 piece French toast sticks. $14.99... easy right? Got to the window and realized I needed a large hashbrown...the lady added to the order and price changed to $17.00. She asked if I wanted sugar or creamer so I advised I didn't order coffee but rather two OJ's. She fized this. She proceeded to look in the bag before handing it to me and I repeated my order- 2 large combos 3 french toast sticks and large hashbrown. She handed me the bag and I left. I get hime ti find two small combos, 3 french roast sticks and no large hashbrown. I look at my receipt and of course it's the original receipt so I have no leg to stand on to go back and get either the hashbrown or my money back. I pull up my bank account as I paid using my debit card and of course $17.00 is pending. I call to speak with the manager and someone answered the line. I asked for the manager and has to repeat that request three times. He finally understood my request and so after a minute the same person says can I help you? I said you are the manager? He said yea. Not yes ma'am, but yea! I explained the issue and asked how I could get the charge reversed on my debit card. He told me I would have to come back with the receipt. Well problem is, my receipt didn't show it and I was told my pending debit would not suffice. Granted, while I understand where he is coming from, this is extremely ridiculous. So consider this a $2 contribution towards their $15 an hour request

Sep 23, 2017

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