Burger King / bad employee

There is a woman that works there not sure of the name, she treats her employees like they are just trash and not good enough for her and puts them down inFont of others which is unacceptable. Today she came in and told a man he wasn't needed anymore for the day and to go home, this man doesn't drive, so he called for a ride and sat down to wait on his grandmother to pick him up. The woman came out and told him he could not sit there because it makes them look bad and made him go outside to wait in the cold. After making him leave (before his set time to leave) she then proceeded to kick him out in the cold because "he made them look bad". This woman is apparently the daughter of the boss or owner and thinks she can treat people however she wants and get away with it. This needs to be put to an end! it is bullying and unprofessional for anyone to act or treat others in this manner.

Nov 15, 2017

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