Burger Kinga burger king experience gone horribly wrong

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It was on a Tuesday Nov. 28th somewhere in the later evening, when my husband &sister in law made an attempt to order food from a local Burger King in Cleve. For the first 10 to 15 mins we waited behind a car in the drive thru with no one ahead of them. Why the car infront of us took so long, we had no idea we assumed maybe they were drunk or something. Finally when we we're able to pull up to the box it was another 8 min wait before the cashier took my order. We pulled around to the second window like we were asked &to our surprise the car that took forever in front of us at the drive thru was still atthe second window just beginning to pay for his meal. So we assumed okay 2 more mins they should hand him his food...NOPE! It was about another 15 mins before the cashier even handed the man his milkshakes &then about another 5 mins later finally handed the man his food. Well finally the man pulled off &it was our turn too pay. I paid my total &was handed my pop, well guess what ... We waited another 5 mins vefore the cashier came to our window &said "I'm very sorry for this but theres a slight situation, we are out of hamburger meat that's what took so long is I had to tell the last car &he changed his sandwiches." So of course out of anger my sister in law said almost a half hour &you couldn't send an employee out to come tell us or any of the other cars atthe drive through. We request our money back but since I had taken the pop &they felt no need to compensate for the wait, it took THE MANAGER (who was on her phone btw ; hopefully orsering more meat) ugh I dont even know how long any more I was so frustrated for them to figure out the change in which I just gave them the change back &asked for my $18; them keeping $2 for the pop ! NEVER AGAIN WILL THAT VURGER KING RECIEVE MY SERVICE! #WhosInChargeThere


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      Nov 29, 2017

    It is standard that they would not refund you for something you kept. While the employees probably could have been more proactive in letting you know about the food shortage, it sounds like the original customers were the direct cause of the majority of your issues.

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