Buffalo Wild Wings,

I submitted a resume and received a call a few days later for an interview at which I was told they wanted me back for a second interview. Well, three days later I went on this second interview with a different manager and was told that she really liked me and at that time I was offered a kitchen position at $9.00 per hours which I immediately accepted.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Jacksonville, IL I was told before I left that I would receive a call regarding orientation, well I never received a call so instead I gave them a call and was basically told the position was given to someone after I had already excepted the offer now I can't get a manager to explain to me why this happen, which I believe to be very unprofessional and I feel very disrespected. This restaurant is located in Jacksonville Illinois and I might have fell to mention I'm a African-American male. I will be further looking into this to see if this has happened to others and may decide to take legal action in the future.

May 09, 2017

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