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I am a senior citizen from Malaysia. on March I think 22nd we purchased two tickets from BudgetAir (the agent for China Eastern Airlines). my wife filled in the particulars in the booking form as usual . there was one column which was full name as in passport. If your name is John White you will fill in John White. if Lai Fun Tze you will fill in Lai Fun Tze. the next column was surname which would be White and Lai respectively. {{{{Do you know what was printed on our tickets Lai Fun Tze Lai}}}}}} what do you think would be printed if the customer was John White ? John White White}}}}}}}] try to go through immigration with those names??? our tickets were virtually useless. well we hope "kind" BudgetAir will help us. make a small alteration. but alas BudgetAir were refused to budge from their position it was our fault. (by the way my wife`s name as in passport is Lai Fun Tze) BugetAir said we have to cancel and book again. earlier we have filled in a clause free cancellation for a extra payment of $40. me and my wife suspected no hanky panky. we surely will be refunded the full amount we paid for. but BudgetAir is very sneaky. the amount was full amount minus $500 and airline penalty $700. we were not even flying and yet we were been legally fleeced. !!! we saw red :-( and decided to take action. /We complained to our airline commission but we were flabbergasted by the decision. we still will be charged airline penalty $500. is there no justice in this universe no wonder God is angry we decided to take our complaints to God and to you kind sirs. maybe you can do something for us. I WANT TO WARN FELLOW PASSENGERS NOT TO HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH BUGETAIR AND CHINA EASTERN AIRLINES. {{{[let them fall by their own devices. the wicked shall fall into his own trap which he has set}}]]] please boycott China Eastern Airlines and BudgetAir. you will be safer flying with other airlines. don`t book from third party merchant example cheapflight and budget flights. hope AirAsia is not a snake. They have been giving a lot of promises. hope they live up to these problems. be careful BudgetAir! the lion has roared!!! this is the last time you cheat others . we will bring you down and your associates. even giant Goliath can fall. never underestimate the power of the people!!!

Apr 08, 2016
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  • Da
      Nov 30, 2018

    Be warned that this is a fraudulent company, I would recommend others to better avoid them at any cost. While I can accept the hidden fees during their booking process, and even that the fact that they requested that I pay more money for the tickets that I had already booked and paid, due to the prices for the tickets had supposedly increased during the time that I made my booking (reliable travel companies would not have you do this if you had already paid for your tickets). However, the fact they issued two economy tickets, when I had booked one economy and one business tickets, is a complete fraud in every possible regard. After not receiving any response from them for 3 full business days, I am now filing a police report.

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