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Budget rent a car is no better. When I went to pick up my car and asked for sunpass, first he had no reply. So I explained how I usually pd $40 on sunpass with other rental companies, the man at the counter told me they dont have that. I further explained how I was traveling up/down florida turnpike through a part that only takes sunpass. His ans "no". He said we only charge by plate and you just drive and pay the tolls later that we bill you. I asked how much in tolls would that be and provided my to and from destiations. He said "I dont know, I dont drive down turnpike, I just go by plane between orlando and miami.

Later I investiated online which verified I absolutely need sunpass.

I decided to drive down turnpike and ask. Youbg man e, olained how pay by plate doest work at a certain point and unless you are getting on the turnpike & driving ovet 100 miles the ticket system to pay cash wont work.

I called budget customer service, lady said they do offer sunpass. She said I would have to go back to the car rental place to get one if I still wanted ir. She then verified my car was indeed not equiped with sunpass. Huh, so I decided to complain.
The man I spoke to next says"maybe they ran out of the sunpass boxes at that lovation

When I got back home I emailed complsint and was told by a budget ". Please note that we do not offer sunpasses for sale at our rental facilities. You are, however able to utilize the sunpass already located in the car for an additional charge."

Gee wiz, if that were the case why didnt any of the 3 other people I spoke to explain that. I told him my previos car rental companies "offered"sunpass" and they explained hiw it worked.

These people dont know or care how much trouble they make. They dont care if there customers pay more in tolls or gas to get around tolls if even possible. I ended paying abt $30 than I should have + aggravation... But it could have been alot worse.

Budget is also the same comp as dollar ans avis.. Beware.

In the past, I did okay with a company called ace


May 14, 2017

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