Budget Car Rental at FLL Airport / picked up a dirty car.

FLL Airport, United States

Dear Sirs/Madam
1 - Reserved a car 3 weeks in advance.
2 - Picked it up at 2 AM for delayed flight.
3 - Allegedly it was the last car they had on the lot.
4 - We had to walk to the lot good 2 blocks to find the assigned car dirty with mud. Is it usual not to clean a car after it has been returned?
5 - At the Exit we let the officer know the outside condition of the car which he acknowledged in writing.
6 - Once we were inside and started driving it caught our attention 2-3 ants which we flicked out through the window.
7 - Next morning with daylight we found some 25 more ants crawling inside the car over the dashboard, the Windows and the doors.
8 - We rushed to the store to buy an Ants spray and we sprayed all over inside the car.
9 - For religious holiday reasons we didn't use the car for 3 days.
10 - After the 3 days we went to the car and to our dismay we found more ants crawling although much less then previously.
We received from Budget a car infested by ants which disappointed us enormously. Let's hope that we will be compensated for the bad experience.

Oct 14, 2017

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