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Bryant Exxon / service and charges for services not received

1 Bryant, AR, United States

Took my vehicle in for services at the Bryant Exxon Mobile in Bryant Arkansas on the I-30 Service Road. Pat is the Mechanic. I told him I wanted to have Brakes on the front but not to put some cheap run of the mill brakes on there. He said okay. Rotors if needed, which he called and said I did, so I okayed. I also told him I wanted my transmission fluid drained and replaced, my radiator flushed and my air serviced.

Picked the car up late that afternoon after about 6 - 7 hours. Over $600 Dollars to have all of the above completed. less than 4 months later, why then am I sitting on the side of the road with an overheated engine. Turns out the radiator was never even so much as checked. If Pat had even bothered to open the cap he would have seen the rusty gunk and a light bulb would have went off in his head saying "oh, guess I'd better flush that radiator like my customer asked and is paying for" Needless to say I took it elsewhere and had the radiator flushed, and had them check everythign else that I paid Pat at the Bryant Exxon to do. Pat put on some cheap old brakes that I specifically told him not to do and paid for. He also did not service my airconditioner.

Steer Clear of the Bryant Exxon. BEWARE!!!

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