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Brookstone / Digital Music Songcube / fraud and cheating!

1 United States

I am extremely disappointed with Brookstone. I purchased a Digital Music Songcube from store #116 in Tysons Corner, VA, in 8/06. There was a problem with the disk drawer, and in 03/07, I returned the system to the store to show them the problem. The store informed me that the Songcube had been discontinued, but they had another one to exchange. This past Monday, Sep. 17, there was a problem when I turned my Songcube on. The message on the display read "Warming Up", followed by "Sys Booting", as usual, but that's where it ended. I was expecting the next message to read "Accessing Gracenote", but that never happened. The system froze on "Sys Booting", then finally read "DSP No Response", then repeated "Sys Booting" "DSP No Response". After several minutes of this I looked in the booklet for troubleshooting and turned the unit off (which required several attempts to actually turn off) then back on, but that didn't resolve. I then unplugged-replugged, which did not resolve. I called customer service and the rep said that the Songcube was discontinued and because none of the troubleshooting worked, the problem sounded like a product defect and to return it to the store. I returned to the store with both receipts, but was turned away because the date of the original purchase was past the 1 year warranty. They said there was nothing they could do, and suggested I take it somewhere to be repaired at my cost.

I don't know why the Songcube was discontinued, and I don't know what other defects the system was prone to, but to have paid $399 and to have both be defective, then told "sorry charlie" is absolutely unacceptable. A defective product is not the consumer's fault, and the company should make every effort to correct the problem and keep the customer happy (and returning as a customer again) Where is the customer service? I bought a product in good faith and both times they were defective!! I wasted my money and I have something I can't even use. This product is just over a year old, and there's no way it should break in that short a time. I will never purchase from Brookstone again, I have told everyone I know about this, and I have also copied and logged this complaint with the Better Business Bureau,, and It's obvious that Brookstone mass-produces their products, defects and all, and the consumer is a sorry, duped sucker if the defect doesn't manifest itself within the 1 year timeframe. Shame on me, but never ever again! The rancid taste in my mouth for Brookstone is not going to go away.

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