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bad service

My husband bought me the N*A*P pink slippers from Brookstone for the holidays. The right slipper wa...

return policy / customer service

My Mom purchased a product on-line as a gift for me that I was unable to use with a cost of approximately $125. Because it was a gift by the time she gave it to me it exceded 30 days by a few days. Even though the product was unopened and still in its shipping packaging and I had the orignal purchase receipt they were completely unwilling to return it. They told me it was mine to keep whether I liked it or not. I mentioned to the manager that I had purchased one of their high end massage chairs last year for several thousand dollars and he could care less. Last Christmas they also gave me trouble on a Christmas return. I will never shop at that store again! Very poor way to conduct business. Be warned!!!

  • Ti
    Tiffany Mar 11, 2009

    so because you purchase a chair, they should break the rules for you? WOW, that's some ego.

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  • Jo
    John Jun 14, 2009

    Maybe your mom shouldn't buy you crappy gifts.

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software wont work

My parents bought the Brookstone Digital Keychain with Image Transfer 2.1 for my birthday. I'm fairly computer lit and I can't get past the initial setup. Wouldn't recmd product.

not compatible

Like the previous person my son received a gift of this item and we were horrified to find it does not work...

scam return policy

Scammers. My wife bought me an expensive radio for Father's Day. Went to return it and was told "no" because more than thirty days had elapsed. (Note: Tiny little sign on back counter states this policy, but was hidden by shopping bag when we were making the return). My wife pointed out that she purchased it 32 days before Father's Day to begin with. Brookstone could not care less.

What's the most annoying is the special Father's Day packaging all around the box that say "DAD". If you want to enforce a 30 day return policy, then don't put out goods pre-packaged for Mother's Day and Father's Day more than 30 days in advance. It's deceptive advertising which leads the consumer to believe that the product would be returnable within a reasonable time after the given holiday.

Two store managers and three calls to Customer Service and these scammers just won't budge.

I will never purchase something from Brookstone again. Scammers.

  • Me
    Melissa Aug 13, 2008

    I purchased a transformer for a trip that DID NOT work. Brookstone will not let me return the item & has not even offered a store credit. I will never shop there again. I have spent a lot of money with them over the years as well. No More!

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  • Jo
    John Jun 14, 2009

    It is your job as the consumer to ask about the return policy. It says 30 days on the bottom of the receipt. Just because you get confused when you see some fancy packaging doesn't mean you weren't 2 days late. Life sucks. Ask before you buy.

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will not turn on!

For fathers day I recieved a Brookstone digital photo keychain. We could not download the disk and we have microsoft! so we went online and downloaded the softwear ourselves. After downloading we could only load 4 photos. then the 4 photos turned into a red screen. After charging the battery we unplugged from the computer and it failed to turn back on? We plugged back into computer and it turned on, but all photos were gone.

I will return this item.

  • Br
    Brett Jul 01, 2008

    Fathersday Flop,

    Before disconnecting the device from your computer you need to follow the instructions on how to "Safely remove hardware."

    This should correct the problem you are experiencing.

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unfair return policy

Brookstone lacks customer service and could care less about their reputation in Greenville, SC. I purchased a tire gauge during the holidays for a gift. The actual gauge that my husband desired was out of stock; however, a Brookstone employee assured me that I could exchange the tire gauge for the re-stocked item when it arrived in their store. So, I purchased the tire gauge and told my husband that the gauge could easily be returned when the item was re-stocked. Also, the Brookstone employee indicated during initial purchase that it was a popular item and that they would be receiving more of the same item. I visited the store (after holidays) and still no tire gauge. So, I returned with my gift receipt and the unused gauge only to be told that it was over 30 days and that they would not take back the item. I might add, the store shelves were stocked with this identical tire gauge. I asked for a store credit and/or exchange - but they couldn't have cared less. I will never step foot in another Brookstone store. Beware!

  • Gr
    Grandma Jo Ann Jan 29, 2009

    I have used this store several times and they have been extremely nice and helpful. I purchased two of the expensive cashmere overly by Tempur-pedic. I just contacted them again about purchasing another one and they no longer carry this item but the lady was extremely
    nice and helpful once again.

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  • Mr
    MrsMcDonell Sep 03, 2009

    Brookstone has made their return policy more lenient for people like you, but they shouldn't have had to. The policy was clearly posted several places at the register and on your receipt. The fact that you couldn't be bothered to notice that you only have thirty days to return or exchange your purchase is not a failure on their part, but on yours.

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digital photo frame incompatible with xd card!

I got the Brookstone 10 in My Life digital photo frame for Christmas. After several calls and emails I find out this photo frame is supposed to accept xD cards but the company can't tell me which ones are compatible!! The have a list for the smaller frame but not the 10 in. What am I supposed to do just keep buying xD cards till I find one that works?? I am TOTALLY dissatisfied with the company and their lack of awareness about their own product!!

  • Br
    Brett Jul 01, 2008


    This product is compatible with all types of xD cards excluding M and H. These two styles are not backwards compatible in their architecture and the frame is not able to read them.

    If I can be of further assistance please feel free to email me.

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  • Ch
    Chrystie Sep 29, 2008

    I bought the 15" Brookstone digital frame online. I checked out the manual on line and it was a Brookstone manual. The frame that I received was a Smartparts frame with a Smartsparts manual. This frame has different features that the 15" frame listed on the Brookstone website. The resolution ofthe frame that I received is different. The frame that I received does *not* have motion sensors tuening it on/off as listed and accentuated on the Brookstone website. I have filled out product feeedback three time, yet Brookstone fails to list my feedback which complains of descrepancies with the product that I received versus what was described on their website. All they have is *one* glowing feedback from a staff member. That should have sent off the warning bells for me, but I trusted Brookstone. That was my mistake. What is also so irritating is that due to their false claims on their website, I could not identify that the frame they sent me was the same Smartparts frame listed on and for over $120 less than the Brookstone price. I though I was getting a Brookstone brand frame with unique features not found on the Smartparts frame that I received or any comparable Pandigital and USA 15" digital frames.
    I have three 10" Brookstone frames and two 8" frames. After this expereince with Brookstone and their false advertising and subsequent failure to rectify the incorrect facts in their description of the 15" frame on their website, I won't be getting any more Brookstone frames.


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  • Br
    Brett Jan 07, 2009

    The frame is not compatible with type M or H xD cards. Switch to a type S card and try again.

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unfair returns policy!

Received a Brookstone Mini Charging Valet for Xmas. The item did not meet my needs so I decided to return...

no return allowed!

My husband gave me a temperpedic pillow for Christmas. Didn't want it since I had tried it in the past and not liked it. We had misplaced the receipt in the Christmas shuffle. They would not take it back even though it was unopened and in the Brookstone box. We have our credit card receipt indicating the store, price, date and register#. But that is not acceptable. Even after calling the company I have only had them repeat over and over no receipt, no return. That to me is not customer service. I will not shop there again and will make sure all my friends and family don't either.

  • Li
    Lindsay Feb 03, 2008

    Most stores require a receipt. Anything can be purchased on E-Bay or stolen for that matter... then trying to return it with no receipt they have a right to turn you away. I have worked retail before and i have caught people stealing and trying to 'return' the item with no receipt. Most people who get perturbed by stores return policies are people who have never worked a retail job in their life and don't understand. If that is their policy then so be it! No need to fight them. Give the pillow away to charity or a friend or sell it on e-bay for gods sake! Instead of taking it out on Brookstone, maybe realize that that is a POLICY for a reason.

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  • La
    Lacey Feb 18, 2009

    Yeah, and I think you ARE a liar. Credit card receipts DO NOT show register number, transaction number, etc. Things retailers usually need for refunds. Deal with it! You messed up by losing your receipt...don't blame Brookstone!!

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terrible service!

I received a gloved ice scraper from my mother-in-law for Christmas. I was pretty excited, as it was from Brookstone and looked pretty cool. The first time I used it, the scraper broke. No problem, I'll just take it back and get store credit. WRONG. As I was approaching the store, in a mall, the manager was standing near the front. I told him that I needed to return an item that had broken on first use, and he, a little too close for comfort, asked me if I had a receipt. I told him that it had been a gift and that I was hoping for store credit (generous, I thought). He said "I cannot do that, without a receipt, but I will replace it." I said something to the effect that I didn't really want another one, and was surprised that store policy was to replace broken items, but not to give store credit (What's the functional differences??). He didn't really say much, just went over and gave me another one. At the time I had been working in the mall, and was wearing my work clothes. I wondered if he had suspected me of theft, from the way he treated me, I felt as if I had to prove that it had been a gift. He was quite rude, and so I decided to check up online about their return policy, with every intention of reporting the manager. Sure enough, they will absolutely accept NO returns without receipts. I found quite a few other complaints about Brookstone's service as well. So, the take away message is: BUYER BEWARE, BROOKSTONE DOES NOT BACK UP THEIR OWN PRODUCTS. The days of the customer being right are gone, welcome to a new Millennium where managers are rude to customers, where store policies are clearly in the store's best interest, treating customer's like criminals. I, for one, will never shop there again. I intend to inform my friends too.

scam and cheating!

My wife mistakenly ordered a $250.00 steam press (I wanted the pants press), so upon realizing her mistake...

n-a-p blanket!

I purchased a N-A-P blanket/throw for my husband this Christmas from Brookstone. After opening the blanket we...

return policy and poor customer service!

Brookstone has clearly declined over the year in their area of customer service. I recently returned a defective item after pleading with them to exchange the item. At first, I was told, "too bad the wheel fell off the day after you bought it." After pleading, I was if I paid the shipping back to them, they would exchange (we have no Brookstone store where I live). So I paid the shipping only to receive a gift card back in the mail. Not what I was told, but I was OK. So I went online and ordered a Spa Robe for my wife using the gift card. It was a "one size fits all" and nothing was said about this being on the exclusions for their return policy. The robe came in and was too small. When I called, I was told I couldn't return the item. No questions and no sympathy. I searched the web site again and all my paper work (receipts, etc.) for documentation thinking I must have surely missed this. Nothing except a broad disclaimer about "some personal items" and a pretty complete list of items without the robe on the exclusion list. After this experience, I will never shop at Brookstone again and advise anyone to make sure it is absolutely necessary before they do as well.

  • Di
    Diane Adams Nov 21, 2008

    I received a small piece of luggage from my parents for my birthday. They purchased the bag on Ocotber 5, and my birthday was November 20. The bag is just too small for me, so I called to get a return authorization number (stupid policy). I get the 'it's over 30 days' crap. I tried to tell them it was a birthday gift..."so what, you are stuck with the bag". This has got to be one of the worst companies I have seen in many, many years. Hope they go broke too. Last time me or anyone in my family EVER buys from them again. And I am now on a mission to find every blog and review site to tell anyone that is even thinking of buying anything from them that their customer service is the worst! This day and age you would think thye would be happy to help any customer who is not happy. They are working towards going broke!! Couldn't be happier for them!!

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  • La
    Lacey Feb 18, 2009's Brookstone's fault your wife is fat??? You knew that when you purchased the robe!! You don't buy one size fits all for overweight people!! I am slightly overweight myself, and the robe fits fine. SO...really? Don't make your problem(or your wife's) Brookstone's!!

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not compatible with mac!

For my birthday my children bought me a "my life - digital photo keychain". Apparently it works only with...

return policy!

I purchased a battery-powered lighted wreath from Brookstone. I ordered clear lights, but the wreath that arrived had colored lights. I called customer service and stated that I had received the wrong item and asked if they could go ahead and ship out the correct item before receiving the wrong item in return. They stated that even though THEY sent the wrong item, they could not send out the correct item until they had received the wrong item in return. This was my first order with Brookstone and when I spoke to the manager I stated that if this was how they treated their customers when Brookstone made the mistake, then this would be my last order with them. The manger stated that he was sorry I felt that way but that there was nothing he could do. A company that cares about its customers doesn't treat them this way when it is in the wrong. I'll never order from Brookstone again.

  • Ba
    Barbasra Considine Dec 14, 2007

    The same thing happened to me, only worse! It was a Christmas gift!! I ordered three things over the phone from Brookstone. The Packing slip that came in the box listed all three correctly,---only instead of a Bar B Que Light I got SLIPPERS!!! I called and they said that I had to wait for them to send a special UPS tag. Then wait for UPS to pick up the box. Then, when they had received the box they would send me what I actually paid for and requested!!! But this was Christmas!!! All of that time would not work!!! I would then NOT have my gift in time. They were not helpful. So, I paid to return the box and slippers just so that I could get my correct order. I will NEVER EVER go to Brookstone or order anything from them again. It is very obvious to me that they feel that their mistake was MY fault, not theirs,---the customer, in their estimation,--- is always the one to rectify the situation. GADS!!! I wish someone had WARNED me about this company!!!

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  • Ch
    Chuck Wadro Mar 21, 2008

    Got this for Christmas. Broke in two months. We had the original box and packaging materials... But not the receipt. The item looked brand new, but the manager refused to exchange it, repair it or even make a call on our behalf to a supervisor. Brookstone is basically calling the customer a lair, if you think about this. It had their name on the product. It looked brand new. I had the original box. Yet, they need a receipt in order to accept responsibility to repair or replace a product that they made?

    This is a very, very disturbing company. Check all these complaints folks. They are all over the Internet.

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  • To
    Todd Jun 16, 2008

    Brookstone will honor exchanges for defective items for 1 year. Its only fair that the customer supplies a receipt to show when it was purchased.

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  • Re
    Retail worker Feb 28, 2009

    Brookstone has to have a receipt for the product because you can buy brookstone products in outlets and on ebay, so how do they know if your not trying to scam them out of money?... so proof of purchase is required!! Everyone should read the return policy posted in the store before buying a product they are unsure about!! If the product breaks... Brookstone offers a protection plan so that once it breaks you return it to the company and they will fix it no questions asked... Please note that purchase of protection plan is still required to do the return, but you can register the protection plan with customer service and they will keep it on file for the life of the plan! So if everyone will just read before swiping the card then there will be no problems!!

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  • Ou
    Ounce Feb 01, 2010

    I received a gift this past Christmas and it was not something I could use. I had to drive a half hour to get to their store, only to be told they would not exchange it because I didn't have a "gift card" that I was supposed to receive with the gift. My boss purchased about 50-60 of this item and they were drop shipped to our office. Who knows if the "gift cards"
    were even issued? Now I am stuck with an item I cannot use and I have no one to re-gift it to. This store has a rotten return policy. Their customer service department was no help either. I don't understand how a store with such a bad return policy can stay in business. Along with many others in this forum, I will never shop in this store again and will encourage others not to shop there.

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dishonorable return policy!

I purchased a NapForm mattress topper at Brookstone. At the time of purchase I asked if it was returnable...

fraud and cheating!

I am extremely disappointed with Brookstone. I purchased a Digital Music Songcube from store #116 in Tysons Corner, VA, in 8/06. There was a problem with the disk drawer, and in 03/07, I returned the system to the store to show them the problem. The store informed me that the Songcube had been discontinued, but they had another one to exchange. This past Monday, Sep. 17, there was a problem when I turned my Songcube on. The message on the display read "Warming Up", followed by "Sys Booting", as usual, but that's where it ended. I was expecting the next message to read "Accessing Gracenote", but that never happened. The system froze on "Sys Booting", then finally read "DSP No Response", then repeated "Sys Booting" "DSP No Response". After several minutes of this I looked in the booklet for troubleshooting and turned the unit off (which required several attempts to actually turn off) then back on, but that didn't resolve. I then unplugged-replugged, which did not resolve. I called customer service and the rep said that the Songcube was discontinued and because none of the troubleshooting worked, the problem sounded like a product defect and to return it to the store. I returned to the store with both receipts, but was turned away because the date of the original purchase was past the 1 year warranty. They said there was nothing they could do, and suggested I take it somewhere to be repaired at my cost.

I don't know why the Songcube was discontinued, and I don't know what other defects the system was prone to, but to have paid $399 and to have both be defective, then told "sorry charlie" is absolutely unacceptable. A defective product is not the consumer's fault, and the company should make every effort to correct the problem and keep the customer happy (and returning as a customer again) Where is the customer service? I bought a product in good faith and both times they were defective!! I wasted my money and I have something I can't even use. This product is just over a year old, and there's no way it should break in that short a time. I will never purchase from Brookstone again, I have told everyone I know about this, and I have also copied and logged this complaint with the Better Business Bureau,, and It's obvious that Brookstone mass-produces their products, defects and all, and the consumer is a sorry, duped sucker if the defect doesn't manifest itself within the 1 year timeframe. Shame on me, but never ever again! The rancid taste in my mouth for Brookstone is not going to go away.

scam product!


Brookstone recently introduced the "Sona Pillow" which is alleged to relieve the symptoms of snoring and sleep apnea. The general response to this product has been decidedly negative as documented below from the complaints posted around various consumer complaint and review sites on the Net. As well, Brookstone refuses to refund or allow returns on this product.

I purchased this pillow from the Brookstone Store in the Roosevelt Field Shopping Center in Garden City, NY. When I attempted to return it the next day, I was informed about the no-return policy on this item. Since it was unusable to me and because I was so disgusted I left it with the store manager and walked out. Though they refused to refund my money, since it was still in new condition, it was most likely placed back on display where it would be sold to another unsuspecting customer.

  • De
    Deb Becker Nov 30, 2007

    I have had the same issues trying to return the Sona pillow. What's worse is that I had even *asked* the salesperson before purchasing what would happen if it didn't help the snoring and was told I could return it for a full refund. (Not the sort of item I'd have purchased with a refund policy confirmed)

    Calls to the store manager and email to the district manager have been ignored. I've emailed Customer Service and written to the Exec VP of Store Ops (and, from the response so far, assume that will be ignored as well).

    The best part is that on their website, their Corporate Code of Ethics states that the Company's fundamental and core values include "honest and ethical conduct, including the ethical handling of actual or apparent conflicts of interest between personal and professional relationships, and ethical dealings with customers, suppliers, co-venturers, competitors, shareholders and the community." HA!

    Fortunately there are other places to spend our money that are more responsive to consumer needs.

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  • Ba
    Barbara Nickel Jan 30, 2008

    I am in the midst of my own dispute with Brookstone. I purchased a Christmas gift for my husband. It doesn't work. Since it was a gift and was purchased early in order to have it by Christmas, it is beyond the 30 day period. Not a problem. I purchased the 2 year replacement guarantee. I contacted customer service and was told I had to deal with the manufacturer of the product because their warranty is for 90 days. The manufacturer informed me that I have to pay shipping to them and include another $20 check to have the item returned to me. I called Brookstone customer service to get them to exchange the product without additional cost to me and the customer service representative hung up on me. I called the corporate office and left a message for a return call and I've sent two emails to customer service. I don't see any point in calling again if the representatives are trained to hang up on people, and I was not rude, offensive or disrespectful. The item in question is only one of several that I purchased for the holidays. I spent close to $1000 this year alone. I have not heard from anyone and have turned the matter over to the Better Business Bureau.

    Bottom line is, as long as the product functions as advertised you won't have a problem. If you need to return the item, good luck. Just a hint; the majority of the items sold are made by some other company. If you find something you like at Brookstone, go to the manufacturers site and buy direct. You'll save yourself a lot of money and aggravation.

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crappy return policy

Received $250 wireless speaker from Brookstone as gift from company I work for, exchanged with gift receipt...