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Resolved backorder shipment

I recently order a itme from Brookstone online on June 7th 2010. The order stated it would be shipped no later than 24 June which not unsual due to the Fathers Day mail rush. However, when I check the order online my order number would not show up in their tracking database. I tried this several times and after being unsuccessful I called customer service to see if they could help me.

I was told by customer service that the item I ordered was on backorder not for 24 Jun but rather a new date of 1Jul. I asked the clerk where on the website did it ever mention anything about backorders; she tried to ensure me it was there but it is not. She also told me I was on some type of pecking order list and that will determine my shipment date. So now just because it states 1 Jul as the shipment date there is no guarentee it will ship.

This is ridiculas. I order a product and I expected it to be here on a certain date. So if you are ordering anything on Brookstone'w website I strongly advise you to call in to customer service and ask the availability of the item before you get roped in to their bad sales tacticts. I will stop using their online services period. If I need something from them I will just buy it in the store. I advise you to do the same.

rude customer service & poor return policy

Be not shop at Brookstone . Their 30 day return policy make it virtually impossible to return any Christmas gifts ordered. Then if you purchase online, they expect you to pay the shipping to return it back. The agents are RUDE and refuse to let you escalate or make any exceptions. I spent hundreds of dollars and they didn't care to listen or keep my business.

  • Lu
    LuMan Jun 03, 2011

    i believe you might be outside the US, thats why you have to pay to send back.. If you are in the US.. simply take the products to ANY Brookstone Store. They WILL return/exchange it for you.. If its Christmas gifts.. you still have 30 days to return the item.. but they DO push their 60day exchange policy to like March to exchange any Christmas gift. And besides.. if you get a Christmas gift you dont like, return it a few days laters.. it still shouldnt go past the 30 days.. be responsible.

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Resolved totally stupid

The My Life Digital Photo Album is a bad investement. It advertises to contain 4, 000 pictures but fails to include the simple fact that all these display in random order (verified with Brookstone Customer Service May 11). Totally stupid. It would be assumed at the minimum the pictures would appear in some relation to file name, date, etc. Yes, off my list of approved suppliers!

Resolved horrible customer service

DO NOT BUY from I have never exeperienced worst customer service from anyone ever and I shop online quite a bit. I ordered a nap lite blanket online on 1/8/10. Seems pretty simple? One would think so. One item shouldn't be that hard to mess up. 7 days later, I receive a package from Brookstone. I open it up and it is an Adirondack outdoor chair cover. The packaging reciept says that it should be the blanket! So, I call Brookstone customer service, and explain the situation. The lady seemed to not really beleive me, but told me that I can take the wrong item into the nearest store with the packaging receipt and they will be able to exchange it for the correct item. I even asked her to check the store to make sure that the correct item was in stock so I didnt waste my time. I go to the store and the clerk was very nice, but says they are not able to exchange online items in the store. As I waited in the store as the clerk was talking to customer service, the blanket that I ordered was sitting on display taunting me. The clerk finally came back and apologized profusely and said that I had to send back the incorrect item and that Brookstone would email me a UPS label to send it back. So...defeated, I leave the store with the adirondack outdoor chair cover that I probably would never use. I send back the wrong item the next day and they finally receive it on 1/22/10. I do not hear a thing from them. I finally email customer service on 1/26/10 to ask what is going on and I get a response 2 days later that they are sorry for the inconvenience and to keep the wrong item and that the correct item will be shipped out. Umm, kinda hard to keep the wrong item, when they already told me to send it back. So, on 2/4/10, I FINALLY receive the correct item. I am just peeved that they send me to the store for their mistake which was a complete waste of my time. Then don't respond when there was obviously an issue with the order. It took a month to get 1 item along with calls and emails to customer service along with a trip to the store which got me no where. I like the product, but will NEVER buy from Brookstone again.

  • Lu
    LuMan Jun 03, 2011

    Im sorry for this.. I am a manager at Brookstone. And to my knowedge WE DO ACCEPT online items for returns and exchanges ! Customer Service sometime has their stuff soo messed up.. It emberrasing this happend to you. I apologize on behalf. But please feel free to shop in the store. There you have employees to tell you face to face what to do and the policies. Also if the blanket is in the store, why buy it online. Brookstone now also will order any item from their online catalog and have it shipped to their store for you, so you dont have to pay shipping! all you gotta do is wait 5business days for it to get to the store and go pick it up. Brookstone is a great store with good products. Please feel free to shop at any Brookstone store :)

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Resolved very poor quality

I purchased two xrocker sync recliners from the brookstone store in south coast plaza, costa mesa. The store manager told me take since they did not have the recliner in the store that they would return the recliners at no cost to us if they were not what we expected when they arrived.
The brookstone store shipped the two recliners to our home, and they were the cheapest smallest crap recliners I have ever seen, no wonder that they did not display the chairs in the store. I called to return the recliner chair as soon as I sat in one. Then I when on line and read the brookstone return policy and did everything to the letter of the policy.
I called and ask for a merchandise return authorization number they refused to give me one, I talk to a supervisor she told me I did not need it on large items. I was told to send the two recliner chairs to the returns department in missouri and they would send me a check amount of the purchase.
The cost of shipping the two recliner chairs to missouri by ups ground cost me $283.94 and guess what I have not heard from brookstone or receive a returned phone call yet. This all happened last year and brookstone is still not returning my phone calls or letters. The brookstone store will not do anything to help, they say it is out of their hands once it is shipped.

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Resolved return policy

The Christmas holiday just ended and I decided I did not want a gift my parents gave me from Brookstone. I read their reciept and it indicated that the item could be returned within 30 days for a full refund with a reciept. I drove an hour to the nearest store in Ohio only to be told by the manager that because I had a gift reciept, I could only exchange the merchandise. I was appalled as the terms on the reciept made no indication that this was the policy. She said that it was on their website. Well why did I think there would be any reason to look beyond what it said on the reciept. I am taking it up with the corporate office on Monday. This is a ridiculous policy when every store is issuing gift reciepts at the holidays to make returns easier. This company should be ashamed of itself.

  • St
    Steve Cox Apr 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Brookstone has the worst customer service I've ever experienced. My wife bought me a jacket that had a battery-powered heating element in it for Christmas. It was too small, so we returned it asking for one size bigger.

    For months, we heard nothing. Then today, we finally got a hold of them and they said that they threw the jacket away!


    Because it had some animal hair on it. Of course, it's a black jacket and my dog is white, so it's entirely possible that there was a few animal hairs on it, but they said that it wasn't "like new" and according to their return policy, it caused us to "forfeit" our product. No phone call, no email, nothing. They didn't even bother to think about sending the offending article back to us - the rightful owners.

    I don't believe that this is even legal, but they refuse to refund our money or send us another jacket.

    It has to be the worst customer service I've ever experienced. Ever.

    The product ws the ActiVHeat™ Heated Jacket

    It is $179.95

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  • As
    ashley Nov 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    HA HA This was the funniest story ever. Thank you for the story. Just when I thought that a company would take back any nasty flea infested, dog licked, dog slabber, dog hair covered, nasty unwashed split ened human hair (that was hopefully from the head and not from any where else on the body) item here BROOKSTONE stands up for the health of everone else. GO BROOKSTONE. Oh yeah DUDE you are stupid.

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  • La
    Lacey Feb 18, 2009

    Yeah, really. Gross. Do you really think that's sanitary?? Thankfully, Brookstone had the good sense to throw that away!!

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  • Jo
    John Jun 14, 2009

    I agree with Ashley. I'm sure it had "some animal hair" on it. You dirty S.O.B. Who does things like that? Oh yeah, You.
    And who wants a jacket that takes batteries? What kind of gift is that? Is your wife a robot? Ha Ha Sucker.

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  • Le
    Leona 430 Feb 25, 2011

    My son bought me a bedrest from Brookstone and the adapter was lost. I have spent 2 days searching and asking for info about a replacement. Brookstones doesn't offer one to buy. I searched all adapter stores, electrical stores, amazon, ebay and received wonderful responses and answers but none of them carried this specific adapter. When I called Brookstone I got no help, and I had to write 5 emails to get the specifications on the adapter. When I asked for manufacturer's name I was told it is Brookstone. 2 days wasted for nothing. I searched for CEO email but it's not listed. I just sent an email for that info. If anyone has it, please leave it here. Brookstone is definately the worst. Never again.

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Resolved scam

I received a christmas gift purchased from Brookstone, through Amazon. When I attempted to return it to the store for store credit the local store in the Gateway, Salt Lake City refused to process the return stating that it was Amazons problem and only Amazon can process the return. When I returned home and called Brookstone customer service they said the store was in error, BUT STILL REQUIRED ME TO SHIP THE PRODUCT BACK TO BROOKSTONE AT MY EXPENSE. Brookstone oreder number is [protected]. Account # is: [protected]. Please allow me to add I WILL NEVER PURCHASE A BROOKSTONE PRODUCT FROM AMAZON AGAIN and further will tell everyone I know what they can expect from this business relationship between Amazon and Brookstone should they every have to return merchandise.

  • Lu
    LuMan Jun 03, 2011

    Brookstone DOES NOT honor Amazon purchases. I myself am a Brookstone manager. We can only return IN STORE what was bought through Brookstone directly. Either in store, online website, or catalog. If you purchased through amazon, you have to go through amazon back.. Sorry. I know it sucks but its NO scam. Just buy in store next time :) nice employees can tell you in person what to expect. :)

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  • Ja
    Jasonlee1980 May 02, 2016

    I bought a mobile projector two weeks ago from brooks tone store at 30 Rockefeller plaza in Manhattan. The
    Product still within 30 days return period. Yesterday I went to the store to return the item with the receipt because I wasn't satisfied with it and hey won't give me refund. The person at the register happen to to the manager of the store his name is Robert. The person like Robert shouldn't be hire as manager in any store. The service from manager Robert was terrible. I'm a manager myself I would never treat the customers like Robert treat me. He only look the receipt didn't check the item box or the computer just told me he can not accept the return because the e receipt write open box item. All their open box item in the store have open box sticker, I want to show him my box has no sticker he refuse to look he box and told me I have to wait 45 mins to speak to the person sell me this product. I ask him to show me on the receipt said open box item no return on the receipt, he check the receipt again and told me it doesn't said it on the receipt I need to wait 45 mins to speak to the person sell me this product. I told him I'm not going to wait 45 mins you're the manager of the store you should able to find out why and give your customer an answer. He told me he would not do anything and ask me to leave the store if I don't leave he will call the security. I would never buy another product from brooks tone again ever because he way I got treat from Robert.

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Resolved never shipped entire order

I ordered their frog-o-sphere and all I received was a plastic tank, some gravel and a bamboo plant. I have waited three weeks and called customer service four times. Each time, they say there is nothing they or I can do, no one I can talk to and that I should just wait another two days and hope for the best. Oh, and since I set up the tank to keep the bamboo from dying, I can't return it for a refund. So $40 plus shipping has gotten me a $2 piece of bamboo and a dinky tank and gravel. I will never, ever, shop at brookstone again.

  • Sp
    sparklestar Dec 24, 2010

    This company is awful! We called as instructed and ordered the frogs. The company was supposed to call the day before delivery. Nothing. The doorbell rang and the UPS guy dropped off two very pissed looking grogs. The box said LIVE ANIMALS SIGNATURE required. No signature was requested. It was just sheer luck that I was home. The frogs were fine but I was a nervous wreck, trying to get their tank set up quickly. Fortunately I had a suspicions that things might go SNAFU and had already bought some of the distilled water needed.

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Resolved terrible return policy-spending more to return something than I paid for it

I bought some outside Christmas prelit trees to go by my front door after Christmas last year on sale...

Resolved warning! do not buy from brookstone!

Boo Brookstone! I purchased a Roomba iRobot vacuum for over $300.00. Product went bad, send to Brookstone for warranty repair or replacement. Received a letter back stating they couldn't fix it so here is a gift card. Only problem is they don't carry the item any longer. So I can't buy another one. I asked for a check instead of a gift card, so I could purchase a roomba directly from iRobot. They said no way, they were rude and unkind, from the store level right up through the warranty (protection plus) to the corporate customer service.
I asked them to send back my defective unit so I can send it to the manufacturer for repairs, they said no. Now I can’t buy one from the store, but they want me to go spend over $300 with them...not going to happen.

WARNING: Do not buy from Brookstone, they will keep your money and hose you by not standing behind their faulty warranty department!

  • As
    asdf1234 Sep 30, 2009

    Wow you're pretty ignorant. Do you read things before you sign or are you dumb enough to think that whatever your interest is will prevail. Protection plus CLEARLY states that if your covered product fails you will receive a gift card for the product price plus tax. What in your right mind would lead you to believe you would get liquid assets to spend elsewhere than the original retailer. If that were the case than Brookstone would have been down 300$ and you would have gotten a roomba free for a period of time. Gift cards are purchased by NEW, the warranty company (just letting you know because you probably didnt read the leaflet) as a means to provide you with assets without taking away from the retailers, effectively making it so neither losses money. They survive similar to an insurance company, collecting profit off unused premiums.

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  • Lu
    LuMan Jun 03, 2011

    totally agree with the asdf1234.
    people, it OKAY to BUY FROM BROOKSTONE :)
    please feel free to ask the employees in store about any return policies and such. Great store!

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Resolved false advertising

I ordered the Igallop exercise machine at a sale price of 199. I received an email stating it was in stock and processing. Five days later I received a letter it was no longer available or in stock. I called the company and asked why, and they told me there was nothing they could do. They wouldnt even offer me compensation of anything.Very rude customer service, and was told orders are placed as they come in. If that was true, I would should have received my order as it stated it was in stock and processing. Of course they had the new model for 300.00 more and would not even offer a discount on that one. No customer satisfaction here.

Resolved illegal towing of my vehicle

Whoever is the new management at brookstone apartments is a liar!!! We woke up this afternoon with a gut...

Resolved earbuds that don't fit

I bought a pair of earbuds from a Brookstone airport store for a plane ride only to discover after opening the package (on the plane) that the things did not fit my ear. When I landed at Chicago airport, I went to the Brookstone store to get a different pair and they clamed that it is a product that can not be returned. Apparently there is some very small print on the back of receipt that states that some items called Personal Care Products are non-returnable. The store in Chicago claimed this is a personal care product !

So I complained to their online site and I include their response below - note that I gave them my name and full contact details and they still greeted me with a Dear Customer !
Arrgghh, I will not shop at Brookstone again!

---Response to my complaint:
Dear Customer,

Thank you for your email.

We are sorry that you did not receive the service you have come to expect from Brookstone.

We appreciate you taking the time to share your concerns with us and regret any inconvenience.


Stephanie Customer Service

  • Lu
    LuMan Jun 03, 2011

    Earbuds ARE personal care! ew they go INSIDE your ear. Headphones go outside ears. thats okay. earbuds go inside! How would you like to purchase some earbuds that someone already stuck inside their ears! no!! you are wrong here. Thats is a personal health code that retail store HAVE to obey, they cannot take back personal care items.

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bad quality, terrible return policy

I bought the 21 inch $200 carry on luggage on November and in January after two trips the seams started to...

Resolved no refund or exchange/horrible product

I bought a Soma snoring pillow for my husband. He attempted to use it for only 10-15 minutes, and he couldn't stand to use it. Extremely uncomfortable, not usable.

I attempted to return it to the store for an refund or exchange, and was told that it clearly states in the store and on the recepit that there isn't any refund or exchange for personal care item. I DID NOT see any signage anywhere that says no refund about this. After reading the back of the receipt several times, in very tiny print and a very light color print, it did say that. But then, of course, I had already purchased it.

I called the customer help line and explained my dissatisfaction with the product, and was told by the associate"Kelly" that their policy is posted in the store. I wanted to lodge a complaint and she stated that someone would call me. Still waiting. It appeared as if she couldn't care less.

I will never go back to Brookstone and will tell everyone about the experience I had with them.

  • Ti
    Tiffany Mar 11, 2009

    A pillow is considered a personal care item and is non-refundable, it states that on your receipt. I mean do you want to buy a pillow someone else has drooled all over?? Ummm i don't think so.

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  • Be
    belt May 11, 2009

    Please visit my site for a great new device that stops snoring for most people and I do offer a money back guarantee. It is only $19.95 right now it it works. Please have look at: Thanks and good luck.

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Resolved unauthorized billing

I purchased a $150 pillow that was supposed to help with sleep apnea and snoring. The pillow did not do either. I returned it to Brookstone and they refuse to give a refund and they refuse to return the pillow to me. They have scammed me out of 186.51 (including shipping). This company is a fraud and should not be allowed to get away with things like this.

Issue me a refund for the defective pillow! You can't have it both ways. You have the pillow and my money.

  • Lu
    LuMan Jun 03, 2011

    how did they get ur pillow? its no scam, it just didnt work for u. it worked for me and many others. no defect here.

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Resolved will not allow an exchange

We received a Brookstone's wine opener from a friend of mine as a housewarming gift. She did fail to...

no returns

I recently had a very poor experience with Brookstone.

I called the 800 numvber on the warranty card for a piece of luggage I'd received as a GIFT. As I had no reciept, and it was unlikely I could locate one from the gift-giver, I was told that no service, exchange or other assistance woould be forthcoming.

"So no receitp = no service, no help, no way, never--is that what you are telling me?" I asked.

"Yes." was the reply.

I will never shop there again. Try LL Bean if you want *real* service.

  • Gi
    Gigi Feb 10, 2009

    I Strongly AGREE! I tried to return an item only to be abusively treated by the onsite store manager, who told me that they are not giving cash credits due to too many people wanting to return defective items for cash refunds.

    So you can get a Store Credit, but Who Wants THAT? Their stuff breaks, is cheap, and not backed up by their company!


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  • La
    Lacey Feb 18, 2009

    People don't seem to understand that companies have to have policies and procedures for returns. It's business! No one is "out to get you". Brookstone shopper for life!!

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false claims on website product description

I bought the 15" Brookstone digital frame online. I checked out the manual on line and it was a Brookstone...

uncooperative customer support

I was given an indoor radio controlled helicopter as a 50th birthday gift. The person who gave me the gift...