British Airways / wheelchair and other assistance on flights in the eu

Flight reservation: Q8YWF3. Passenger name: Mohammed Ismail Hassan Scott
Date of travel: 29th May
Disability assistance required - Down's Syndrome young adult

I booked a return flight from London-Madrid after reading the information on the BA website about assisted travel. This is the section of information about adults with developmental impairments:

Seating: If you have a specific seating requirement, please contact us.
Airport escort: If you're travelling on your own, let us know if you want us to arrange an escort to guide you through your departure or arrival airport.
On board: If you prefer, cabin crew can provide individual safety briefings before the flight departs.

However, I have been unable to book the assistance required in "Manage your Booking". When I phoned Customer Services, I was told that only a wheelchair could be provided. I booked this, but have no record of the conversation.

I wold like to remind you of EU law - published on the BA website:

It is now the responsibility of the airport operators, within the EU to assist anyone with a disability during their time at the airport. This includes intellectual disability or impairment, age or any other cause of disability.
Airlines should provide the airport operator with advance information so that the appropriate service can be offered. To enable us to pass your request to them, please contact us 48 hours in advance.

I would like to have all arrangements sorted out before my nephew travels. Could you please indicate the steps I should take?
Thank you
Katharine Scott

May 16, 2017

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