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On June 21st 2016 I purchased round trip E tickets 125-[protected] and 125-[protected] onboard British airways from Charlotte NC to Frankfurt Germany. I paid for window seats for both flights, now that I am a month away from leaving I am told that the window and isle seat on the return trip have been changed to the middle of the airplane seats. British airways told me that the issue is with the partner American airline and to contact them. When I did I was told the first seat choice going over was complimentary and that if I wanted a return window isle seat it would cost another $275 for the same open seat that I paid for in June. Why should I have to pay for the same seats I already paid for . I expected this type of service from American Airlines that is why I went through the trouble to give British Airways a try. I will say that the staff of BA is very professional but a rejection is still the same no mater how you dress it up. I would like my window and isle seat, any where on the plane.

Feb 05, 2017
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  •   Apr 15, 2017

    It is not clear the full reservation, which must include flight number.
    The passenger did not show that the BA confirmed exact the seat for him in the eticket / PNR / reservation.
    So the claims, as it is, looks groundless.

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