British Airwaysfare/refund - theft

I booked a full fare flight on 2/16 and due to an injury had to cancel on 2/22. I was told it would take seven (7) working days for the refund. In seven (7) days the refunded 318.23 to my account. I paid $2, 429.48. When I called into query when the balance was to be refunded I was told they only were required to refund $328.23 minus the $10 handling fee. They claim I bought a non-refundable ticket but I would never have done that for an Intercontinental Flight. They said it was in the small print on online booking. So in my opinion British Airways has fraudulently kept $2, 111.25. On hold for the third customer service representative, not holding out any hope.

Mar 04, 2016

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