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British Airways / customer harassment

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To: British Airways,

I am writing to you (again) giving a brief summary of the harassment I am facing from your company, British Airways in order to receive a refund and compensation of a connecting flight which was cancelled on my way to Paris for my Honeymoon.

We got on a flight from Calcutta – London on 20/Dec/06 with a connecting flight to Paris the same day after a few hours. All flights got cancelled to Paris because of fog.

The BA staffs were very unhelpful and un-cooperative in booking us to another flight. They did not provide us with any meal vouchers or hotel accommodation and told us that we will have to stay in the airport overnight. They were extremely rude and it seemed that they were purposely unhelpful in assisting us with formalities for a temporary visa.

Finally After 8 hours at the airport without anything to eat we finally got visas. Again they were very rude and refused to give us temporary accommodation for the night. One ground staff told us to take the train to Paris and claim the same from BA later.

So lugging our bags we took a train to the station and took the tunnel to Paris.

At the airport we were told that BA had processed the refund for our cancelled flight and it will be credited to my Credit Card automatically.

After we reached India – I send a formal request for a refund online. When I called the call centre they told me they are not able to process anything and it is going to be approved from the UK itself.

Ever since January I have contacted the call centre at least 10-15 times – Each time I have to wait on hold for 20 minutes and half the times I don’t even get through. Each time they tell me that they are sending a request for a refund and it will take 6 weeks to get credited. Each time they gave me a different email address – where when I emailed – the emails used to bounce back!!!

Ever since January I have contacted BA through its website at least 10 times

Responses Received

15/Feb/07 - Please contact your travel insurance company

04/Apr/07 - I have also passed on your details to our refunds team and they will get in touch with you as soon as possible about your ticket refund. I'm afraid I cannot refund the cost of your alternative travel arrangements

10/Apr/07 - We are investigating your case, so there might be a short delay in responding to your email.

17/Apr/07 - I have, though, sent your details to our Refunds Department for the refund of your ticket. They will be in touch with you shortly.

29/May/07 - For the refund of your unused British Airways tickets, I have passed on a copy of your letter and email to our Refunds Department. They will get in touch with you soon

31/May/07 - I have contacted our refunds department in the UK and unfortunately as you bought your tickets in India we are unable to refund the London to Paris tickets which were cancelled. However if you contact the sales office in Delhi which you used to buy your tickets, they should be able to refund this part of your ticket.

The Delhi office refuses to do anything about it as they claim that they “are only a marketing office and that they have no power”!

Not to forget compensation for my alternate travel arrangements, compensation for a lost day of vacation, compensation for a ruined start for our honeymoon, you are pretending that if you refund my ticket you will be doing me a big favor!!


Our 6 month anniversary is coming up – and there is no sight of any progress

And on top of that you pass statements like “I hope this has not deterred you and your wife from flying with us again in the future.”

Sharad Jhunjhunwala

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  • Mr
      19th of Jul, 2007
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    Din mohammed
    95 Balsdean Road
    BN2 6PG

    19 July 2007

    British Airways Customer Relations,
    EU Compensation Claims,
    PO Box 5619, Sudbury,
    Suffolk, CO10 2PG, United Kingdom.

    Ref: Flight BA6996 Sunday 24/06/07 To Tenerife South
    File Reference TFSBA13036/24 JUN07/1118GMT
    TAG NUMBER BA364857/BA364858

    After over twenty years of traveling with British Airways I feel I need to write this letter and make a formal complaint, this was my first trip to Tenerife with my new wife after we where married in JANUARY 2007, and were BOTH VERY disappointed.

    First i would like to say , we travel to Tenerife every few months at the moment and also have another two flight booked one for October 2007 and one in January 2008 with B A , as we are having a villa built in Torovicas Tenerife.

    And we always use B A as we feel it is the airline we can trust! For time keeping and service ,this is very important to us ,because we also run our own business here in Brighton. We can only get limited days off when we travel to Tenerife, Always from Sunday to Thursday.

    Problems seemed to start right from the begging, when we got to British Airway checking two and half hours before our flight there was only two counters open and one out of order, making us late for our flight so we had to rush otherwise we would have missed our flight! On the other hand there was about 4 0r 5 counters open for fast drop!!

    When we arrived at Tenerife South our luggage was lost and was told that it will be dropped off at our hotel in the evening, which did not happen, and was then told that it will now be dropped off on Monday which also did no happen finally we received it on Tuesday morning 26/6/ half of our stay in Tenerife was with out our luggage, which also contained my medication for my acid reflux.

    My wife also wanted you to know that there was no in-flight entertainment, when we asked a member of the cabin crew WHY! They mentioned that it had been out of order for a few weeks!, buy assured us that our return trip the in-flight entertainment was working, if i was to run my business in this manner, i would not be in business very long.

  • Yu
      25th of Jun, 2009
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    hi this is complaint to genral manager british airways.
    hi, my name is yudhbir singh rawat, ym ba flight was on 20TH june at 0225 am. by mistakely i missed this flight, and i came on 21ST june at bom csi airport the flight no. was ba 138. I spoke to the airport back ba office, and they told me that dont worry we will send you today, but wait till all regular passanger check in. and all passanger checked in, then they said sorry we cant help.. even ba counter staff not ready to talk properly. they were very roude, and rough, specially third counter lady from left.
    i am regular british airways passanger, so to see your counter staff attitude i felt very bad, hope you will consider this complaints.
    thank you very much
    yudhbir singh rawat

    14455 st, germain dr,
    centerville, va-20121{ u.s.a}

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