Brazzersscam/won't allow me to cancel?

I've recently tried to cancel my Brazzers account (incl. premium) to save money. In order to do this I had to either Call, chat to a team member online or submit an online form on "".

However, it showed that I could NOT submit a form at this time, so either call or chat. I tried to chat to someone; after getting sick of waiting for 25 minutes for someone to reply I decided to finally call (+[protected]). Someone actually picked up within a minute and I told them I wanted to cancel. He said it was all sweet and I gave him my account details which were username and email. After all this he told me I will receive an email confirming the cancellation and I will not be able to log in. But, after 12hrs I have not received the email and I AM still able to log into my account.

SO, I call again and a lady picked up after 5minutes of waiting. I told her my details exactly like how I did to the guy before her. Then she asked for my gmail account? I then said "Why are you asking for another email address? The guy i spoke to before said the email i told you IS the correct email address I used for brazzers". Then she went quiet and all I heard was typing and then silence for 5minutes and she would not reply to me so I hung up?

I'm trying to cancel this subscription in order to save money. If they keep on billing me I won't know who to speak to in order to resolve this issue. Any ideas guys?

Help is very much appreciated, thanks.

Jul 18, 2017

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