airG Complaints & Reviews

airG / permanently banned screen name for 0 reason

Apr 18, 2018

airGI was chatting away on air G and out of nowhere I refresh the page and it says my screen name is permanently banned. Upon calling customer service a very robotic person named Mike took my complaint and gave me this reason for why this it happened: "You have been permanently banned for being...

AirG USA / The company started to add some fake fees

Oct 23, 2016

The company AirG USA started to add $2.99 to my phone bills. I noticed that they have added some fake fees. I called to my phone company and argued with the rep within couple of hours. They couldn’t tell me anything precisely, so I threatened them and asked to find the company or person, who...

AirG USA Inc / They added small sums to my bills

Oct 11, 2015

The company AirG USA Inc is scam and this company added some charges to my bill. I haven’t used their services before and it was strange for me that they somehow added small sums to my bills. I called to my company and asked what they thought about this situation. But the rep from my company... / Inappropriate posting allowed

Mar 08, 2013

How can this site still be allowed. I am seriously offended that companies like boost mobile and sprint are associated with them I also have complained 3 times to their support department about the outright solicitation for sex and all I have ever recieved is a message stating it could...

Air-G / Check your bills!


I was Air-G client for 2 years. I used to pay $30 a month but the total bill for two years was huge. They used to refund me about $700 and I have already sent them request. Wish me luck in this case and be careful with your bills. Always check them twice! / Avoid this website at all costs


I would be extremely careful if you have teenagers or minors that use this chat site which is an application affiliated with sprint and boost mobile cell phones. over the past 6 months i have sent no fewer than 30 messages to their support center both via the site itself and via the...