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Monmouth Junction, NJ, United States Review updated:

When I asked what the price included I was told vehicle registration, sales tax, and the price of the car. Then when I came up with a number that was almost $2, 000 less than the dealers, they decided to add bogus fees such as security etching, document fees, internet fees, and a reconditioning fee. I said when I asked you about the fees why didn't you mention those? He said let me talk to my manager and see what we could do. He still came back with a higher number than mine and when asked to speak to his manager, the manager got on the phone and said how would this number work for you. I said fine. Then when I thought that was settled, he called me up and said no it would be the price the salesman gave before. So, I asked what changed, I thought we agreed. I asked to speak to his manager and said he should honor what the manager said. He then gave me over to the manager above the salesman and said if you don't buy it someone else will. Then when I tried to call about a question, the salesman was never available. If the car wasn't so rare, I would have taken our business elsewhere. I would never recommend this dealership.

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Apr 18, 2015
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  • Me
      Dec 02, 2011
    Brad Benson Hyundai - Rip off
    Brad Benson Hyundai
    United States

    This dealership is a rip off, the salesmen are rip off artist, they offered me more for a trade in but raised the price of the car $3500

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  • Df
      Aug 22, 2015

    Why would the Hyundai Company allow this dealership to continue selling their cars when there are constant complaints against this washed up ex football player who could care less about what his sales people do. I found his sales people rude, arrogant and uninterested in their customers. I went to buy a car there as I approached the front door I could hear some former customer, in the parking lot, yelling and screaming a sales person for lying about a recent sale. The attitude exhibited by my sales person was so obnoxious I got up and left in the middle of the interview.
    This dealership should be barred from selling any cars until all these complaints are investigated. Of all the people to pick to represent Hyundai, how and why did they decide on Benson ???? That's the last guy I would want representing my product.

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