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Surrey, BC, Canada
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The on-line ordering experience was great but when I arrived at the location, the staff claimed that they were "struggling with their system".

A young person tried to hide this fact by asking what I had ordered so that he could go to the kitchen to "track it down".

He came back after a long delay to proudly tell me that it was now in the oven. When i asked to confirm that it was thin crust, he ran back to the kitchen to "check".

After yet another long delay he came back to tell me that they had remade it and that it would take another 20 minutes.

I had a car full of hungry kids for a 9th birthday party and drove them home so they could start.

In the end, the pizza was ready 75 minutes after the original scheduled pick up and to make thinks slightly amusing, they handed me the pizzas, forgot to take payment, apologized and told me to have a nice evening. Just to make sure I was honest, I asked whether they were giving me the pizzas because they were so late. The young lady quickly said "uhhh no." She rang up the full charge and sent me on my way.

I have never registered a complaint to a restaurant and I often like to send in affirming notes when service is good. In this case, it's the second time I've had a negative experience at this location so I'm wondering whether it might be a policy or training issue. There was not an over 20 employee present at any point and I'm hoping a manager would have done more in this type of situation.

Our family has enjoyed your chain in the past but this has definitely impacted our opinion.

Feb 12, 2017

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