Boston Pizza Internationalharassed, verbally abused, falsely accused and attacked by manager and then threatened by kitchen manager

Appalled and disgusted by a manager at vancouver location who right off the bat was accusatory. Not introducing herself! Immediately using loud tone, not letting customer even say "this is not true" "no one came" wouldn't listen. Accused! Yelled "oh maybe supernatural forces!" yelling on phone. Threatened to tell gm her story so "gd luck with urs after." kitchen manger called after "saying I would like to resolve this" I said rather talk to gm david when in. He said "if you don't talk to me I will blacklist you from this location and future deliveries if u refuse to talk to me." he said you "both conducted urself inappropriately" I said when ur sitting at home waiting for pizza and u out of the blue have a manager call and not listen but yell driver came, ur saying no! No one buzzed, no man here, no pizza outside of door and she starts accusing you of "free pizza" calling you a "psycho" and "ooooh maybe supernatural forces ate it." I have never in my life dealt with such disgusting behaviour and am appalled by this amazing customer service!!! This girl shouldn't be working as a manager on this floor!!! I'll be the first to admit what I could've done differently but after all she said before I swore at her, the manager was not ok on any level. She is in this role for a reason! How she handled this and then to be harassed by the kitchen manager and threatened when I said I would rather talk to manager was awful!
I have records of calls, checked my buzzer system, videos of same showing it's working fine. I have missed call text saying I buzzed myself from downstairs and it worked!
I don't want free pizza!!! She said "you know we don't just give out free pizza to everyone" what's that mean! Everyone on my floor, I know. No one got pizza. I had a tip out. So do their drivers just leave it and leave it at door?
Driver "thought it was suspicious" caller "mgr" if she felt that why did she leave it? What did she find suspicious about it? Even then why didn't they call the customer?
Video footage from strata property manager does not show anyone between 2:30pm when call was made to when katie called at 3:30pm showing any footage of a pizza delivery or anyone in the elevators coming to 10th floor with pizza.
But as per katie and her initial rude phone call i'm psycho, a [censored] and made supernatural forces buzzed delivery person in, I said no man here she said maybe ur psycho get off ur sofa and check ur door!
But i'm supposed to keep calm after all she said??? I said you're a [censored] and you are rude and shouldn't be in this role. I said I have never in my life ever experienced this to which she replied "bla bla bla"

First call: yeah you ordered pizza. Our driver came. Buzzed and man answered and said drop it off at door and leave. I said i'm here, my phone didn't ring and I got no pizza! Yeah driver thought it was suspicious and called me. I again said no one buzzed 2117, no man here! Oh yeah supernatural forces maybe! She said well we delivered it. Not our problem we don't go around giving out free pizza. I said excuse me ur accusing me of lying? I swear I didn't get buzzed, no man here, i'm the customer listen to me!!!
She kept yelling, talking over me!!! I'm in so much shock right now that boston pizza hires ppl like this to deal with customers! I have two credits from a lady from the location. Is this a racial thing? From my name maybe she assumed I was muslim? Or knew last who gave me free pizza was a friend? I'm not sure why she acted the way she did! Then travis if you don't talk to me I will blacklist you!!! I did nothing wrong! She called me names first and i'm supposed to listen to her as she doesn't let me talk???

No pizza was delivered!
I have all phone records
No one buzzed me
Video footage 2:30-335pm shows no one in lobby let alone coming up to my floor in elevator
Everyone on floor did not receive pizza!!
I have video of buzzer working and call coming to my phone
When I told travis I want to record this call he said he didn't feel comfortable

One thing to call and say i'm katie the manager (representing boston pizza) but to call and accuse immediately
I knew right off the bat with the tone of voice she used and her story that there was no delivery!!! All a lie!!! Now the question is why???
Why did she say free pizza?
Credit for two mediums wasn't even discussed or how can we resolve this? Nothing. Call was an attack, accusing me, threatening me. I've left two messages at corporate office!
I never go this far with a complaint but with what just happened to me and how they went at me and threatened me when I was trying to say I didn't get it, no one buzzed they weren't having it!!
Psycho? Bla bla bla? I'll tell david gm to call you after I tell him my story you can say what you want and laughed

I am so livid right now!!! Kitchen manager calling what is that about!??

Two thumbs up grandview highway boston pizza!!!

A manager would say you have another credit can we send another one
Or you can pick it up even though first one superforces ate.. But nothing

Katie when I called back second time to ask for her last name... Girl who answered said I can't give it out. Katie case to phone and said "I work here, try whatever, won't work."

I did not call yelling and screaming when I put order in. Verified addy; buzzer, unit and floor number bc of last timevwhen their driver called in sick and kitchen staff came to deliver, buzzed and sat in lobby for 20 min.
Looked to c if I saw her outside and she wasn't outside. No idea where she went. She had never done a delivery before. Called store they said she was there. Saw her in lobby to the side 25 min later. Manager naseem I think her name was, was very kind and professional. Said I can give you a credit to which I said that's not why i'm calling. She was kind enough to give me a credit. Handled it well. Never any issues with staff answering the phone, deliveries etc

This one took the cake!!!
Disgusted by katie's call!!!

I would like this addressed please!!!

Tell katie I don't want her free pizza. As of today I had credits of two medium pizzas one superforces ate!

I will put this on fbk
As nurses who work close by we go here for lunch with our team and this will no longer happen! I will get everyone to share my post on fbk!

I will file a complaint with bbb. Not for free pizza or a credit bc I cannot believe that this girl is representing an organization like this!!! This is what boston pizza teaches its employees and especially a manager!!!

Then call back to threaten me to blacklist me when I said I don't want to talk to kitchen manager but the gm.

You never call a customer and accuse and call them psycho when they are trying to tell u
No one buzzed, no man here to answer my phone... No pizza outside the door!

Then got kitchen manager to call bc she knew she messed up by swearing and blaming it on supernatural forces

She is gonna do whatever she has to get out of this!!! After she swore and called my psycho and accusing me
I did call her a [censored] bc the way she was going at me on the phone was so wrong

My theory:
No delivery was ever made
No one buzzed
No man answered
No one came into building
No one to 10thfloir

Video of buzzer working
No one in video footage in lobby or in elevator coming to 10th floor
Pic of missed call from buzzer that I went to check after this attack I have as well
Why didn't I get the call?
All lies!!!

If katie wants the credits for two medium pizzas pls give them to her!!!

Clearly this is about something more!!!

Where did old manager go that gave me credit?
Is there some internal conflict?

Racially dominated?

She said boston pizza doesn't give free pizza!!! Where did that come from and why???

I'm confused!!!

Katie should not be in this role at all!!!

I'm actually quite scared after her two calls
That she has my number
My addy
Buzzer number

And if any action is taken I feel that this individual from how she started off the call, her tone, choice of words would retaliate!!!

If I feel after today that i'm getting unknown calls on my phone or someone using my buzzer number or leaving threatening messages I choose to believe it's from her!

I am sitting here on a sunday!
Hey didn't want to cook so i'll use my credit at boston pizza!!

Thanks for ruining my peaceful evening!!!

2:30pm ordered
3:30 exactly "driver was suspicious" buzzed me! Man answered

Funny on my floor my neighbours even pointed out if she came up here there would be pizza. We have been living here for years. Ppl have canada post deliveries and others and leave it in front of doors
Til this day we have never had any issues like this. A man answering and her coming in front of my unit and dropping pizza and leaving and then no pizza!

I think for whatever reason katie thought
This story might stick and that I would just be ok no problem.

I didn't even ask about other credit
Or what now

She was too busy discussing super natural forces!!!

She started with psycho comment
And super natural forces
Wouldn't let me talk
And say no this isn't true

Someone has to call her a c*! At this point which was not right on my part but i've never dealt with a manager who makes a call like that
Ooohh supernatural forces took it ooh
Bla bla bla


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Jun 03, 2018

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