Boston Pizza Internationalgravy spilt everywhere

Yesterday I was at the Boston pizza in Airdrie AB Canada and we ordered delivery and we had an in incident. Yesterday we ordered delivery and the women came to our steps with the bag of food and my dad noticed that the gravy we ordered for the fries spilt, everywhere. It got into the pasta containers and drenched other containers full of pizza and chicken. We told the delivery lady that te gravy had spilt everywhere and she told us she would go back to Boston Pizza and get us more gravy and a certificate/gift card since all of our food was ruined and tasted awful! She later came back with two gravies and then she left she never said we couldn't get the certificates/gift cards she just left. I'm upset that I tipped her/your location 20 percent but that was before all of this happened and I'm very disappointed. I'm not sure if we will ever eat at Boston pizza again after this incident...

Apr 29, 2017

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