Boston Pizza International / food and service

Strathmore AB. Ordered good...Took a long time. When it came pizza wasn't fully cooked. Ordered steak for my wife..Well done. It came dripping blood...Was rare. Sent it back. Came out rare again. Was informed cook was only 15! What!!! Are they nuts there? What experience or training can a 15 yr old have? We weren't offered to recoil it. We said we would take it home to cook it, and was told that's fine. We were told we would get 5% off...Whoopie! Cheapskates.worst food and treatment ever and I'm 59. No 5%discount given at till. We paid for food not cooked twice, we had to take home to cook...No reprieve offered. I'm livid. Will never eat at any bp again...And shall spread the word online and as much as possible. ..As well as in person to anyone I meet.absolutely my worst dining experience in my entire life. A 15 your old cook? You guys are nuts, and the worst if you condone this treatment. [protected]

Jan 23, 2017

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