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Boston Pizza / food, service

1 Windsor, Ontario, Canada Review updated:

Due to the fact that I was ill today and did not have the energy to cook dinner and my husband and son were out of town my daughters and I decided to go through the list of restaurants in our area that we could order from... Kelsey's. East Mario's etc. We mentioned Boston Pizza and figured that we would go with that since we have ate there many times and never had a problem. We ordered 3 chicken parmesan's (2 with vegetables and 1 with fries) When it arrived it came to over 65.00 plus tip. (the delivery girl had no receipt..she had our order on her phone) The girl left and we brought our food into the house. We opened it up and thought they had misunderstood me, that they thought I had wanted the lunch portion. There was barely any pasta (half the container was empty) The (frozen) vegetables that came with our food were cold and there was barely any there.
The fries were undercooked and cold and hard. I was so mad that our food was thrown together with half of what looked like was missing. I got dressed (since I was sick on the couch hence the delivery) got in my car with my 15 year old daughter and drove to Boston pizza with the food. I was greeted byy a nice guy at the door who got the "manager" for me. I explained to her that our food was hard cold slopped together and it seems we got was the lunch portion because there is no way that is a dinner portion! (I mean there would have been no pasta if it was the lunch portion!) She told me the food was weighed and that everyone gets the same exact amount of food. I don't believe that for a second- anyone who would have received that food would have been very disappointed!! The manager told me she could give me back my food and I told her I didn't want it back (it was back in the kitchen at that point) I explained to her that I have watched shows where people do stuff to the food when complained about and that I just want my money back. She told me that I could not get my money back. I asked to speak to someone that could actually help me instead of trying to give me back the crap food that I was returning. How can she be a manager if she can't even help me with my complaint? She told me there was no one I could talk to that this is a franchise. she was it. Since I got absolutely nowhere with this "manager" I was forced to leave our pathetically portioned cold hard food there and go home. No dinner and out 65.00 plus tip. I am absolutely disgusted with the way Boston Pizza handles their complaints! Every restaurant that I have ever been to has stated to the patrons in some kind of way that explains to them that in any way if they are unhappy with that restaurant then to contact a manager and they will make it right. This "manager" agreed with me that the food was not proper but then stated the food is weighed and there is nothing she could do and she could not give me my money back. She let me walk out of that restaurant completely upset and appauled that Boston pizza seems to have this " we will serve you crap take your money and if you are unhappy with it then too bad!" attitude. How can a business run like this and still be in business?!? I am out the money I paid for a dinner for me and my girls...How is that ok? We had to spend more money to get our dinner elsewhere!! Which we enjoyed and wish we had chose them instead of Boston pizza from the start and I woud have still had my $70!! The "manager" who couldn't help me or give me my money back could also not provide me with someone who could make this right. I am hoping that someone will contact me regarding this issue. Although you are a franchise, word of mouth is everything and I am very very unhappy with Boston Pizza. (to think my kids' school uses you as a fundraiser!) I never have anything to complain about but it's pretty sad that when I have a legit complaint with Boston Pizza it causes me to be out dinner for me and my girls, out money, getting out driving around with a chest infection, and now having to write a letter explaining this horrible experience!!!

Nov 14, 2016
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      14th of Nov, 2016
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    Why did she tell you there was no one else you could talk to? Is she the manager or is she the actual franchise owner? If she is not the owner, then obviously there IS someone else you can talk to: the owner him/herself! I don't know which location you went to, but both have a facebook account, so you can reach out via social media. You can also contact Corporate and ask they put you in contact with the owner. If you paid by bankcard, you might want to try doing a charge back.

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