Boost Mobile and BrightStar Device Insurancedo not purchase pre-owned devices from boost mobile

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I purchased a factory refurbished pre-owned samsung edge 7 directly from boost mobile. I noticed a couple of issues with the phone within 30 days of purchase and tried to get a replacement. What next happened is explained below.

Boost will sell you a factory re-furbished pre-owned phone, but if you have any issues with that phone you have to place a claim through their "90 day warranty exchange program". What it actually means is that you will have to place a claim with brightstar (cell phone insurance carrier) and go through a lengthy burdensome process to get your phone replaced.

Spoke with a brightstar agent. "john" went through a lengthy and scripted explanation about how this claim would be processed and initially said there would be a charge for the deductible of $175.00. I mentioned that I had purchased the pre-owned phone about 30 days ago and that I would not pay any deductible. That what I have is a warranty issue. After being put on hold he came back to confirm the deductible would be waived. Thank you?

I wondered why I was placing an insurance claim, when what I needed was for the vendor to replace a defective item??? I called boost. Boost will not replace defective pre-owned merchandise. They redirect you right back to brightstar for your claim. I have never, with any company I purchased a phone from, had to place an insurance claim for a warranty issue.

So back to starbrite I went. After going through their automated process (which never works with my number because boost didn't register my phone with my address. They used the store address!!!- I found that out from starbrite. Apparently its common practice - and why I could never make automated payments on line. More on this subject below!!!) I arrived to the place where you get to wait for a "live" agent.

I had to hear the entire script again and then was warned about false statements, and that the called was being recorded. I was asked about damage to my phone and when it happened. I kept explaining it is a warranty issue. They insist on damaged and file the claim as such. I was given instructions on how to complete my claim.

I have to submit what the agent called a completed "claim form" (its actually a "claim affidavit" I had to print from their site), valid id, and proof of address. The id would not be sufficient proof of address and would not be considered for this requirement. Huh?! The courts, police and banking institutions accept it.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in New York, NY Why wouldn't starbright? Who checked their id?

I have to submit a current utility bill, auto insurance, or other proof on their list of acceptable options. Do not buy or put anyone in your household who can not provide a utility, property tax or insurance bill on any account or purchase with either boost or brightstar. I now have to call boost and try to get their live agent to update my address, so that it matches with the one I will put on the claim form. If it doesn't match the claim will be rejected.

I can take pics of these items and completed form and upload them to the website. The agent warned not to leave any blanks or unanswered questions as they would reject the claim. It takes them 48 hours to process the information and complete the claim.

Once they receive the above and the 48 "business hours" days have passed I (yes, the client) have to call again and get one of their live agents to review the claim and issue the return label.

I am to return the phone with the provided label. They will inspect the phone for damages and determine if a replacement or repair would granted. They take another 48 business hours before a phone (mine or the replacement) is sent back. I was told the whole operation would take about 7 business days by the time all was said and done. During this time I will have no phone service unless I have another phone which will work on boost's network.

I have purchased new and pre-owned phones in the past. Warranty issues come up often with these items and I have never been without phone or service for any length of time. They generally accept the warranty claims over the phone and send you a replacement with additional instructions for the return.

I understand that brightstar has their process for claims and that they follow these processes to mitigate their own losses and damages, but I purchased a defective item from their client. Subjecting me to this process on a warranty claim shows a lack of good faith towards the consumer and is completely misidentified as a damage claim.

Additionally, boost mobile completely washes their hands of you once they sell you the item. Their only concern is to collect on the service, which isn't provided by them either. Boost mobile sacrifices any semblance of customer service and contracts out everything but collecting the payment.

I will say. It is a good thing they don't have contracts that keep you obligated to deal with them.

Disappointed in nyc

Jul 23, 2018
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  • Ga
      Jul 23, 2018

    These people need reminding that they are not the only show in town and that customer service is key. They're treatment of their clients is reprehensible.

    Tell everyone you know and pass it on.

    Stop rewarding corporate greed!!!

    Boycott Boost!!!

    Those shops will disappear as quickly as they came.

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  • Ve
      Aug 08, 2019

    Brightstar sucks! I have had to submit the documents 5 times...5 TIMES!!

    First was told that they never received, yet..i got a kickback email from me submitting the document saying it takes 24-48hrs for viewing. BUT THEY NEVER GOT IT RIGHT?
    OK, so i spoke with a "supervisor" who told me to go through the website to submit it online for faster service and she would even note the acct to have it viewed immediately. NOPE! She lied too. I was told upon calling back to check on it they received document but the date was not showing..BS! If this document didnt have my info on it I would upload it so you all can see the date is clear as day on it.

    So where I am right now... is pissed off!

    I just got done uploading doc on website as well as emailed brightstar the same original bill this time after I personally highlighted MY NAME AND DATE ON DOCUMENT WITH ARROWS POINTING TO BOTH. If I get another bs story tomorrow, then I know this company is trash! At this rate i am considering to end insurance on all 4 lines on my acct or looking for a new service provider that does not deal with brightstar..BRIGHTSTAR IS A HORRIBLE COMPANY WITH MINIMAL QUALIFIED INDIVIDUALS TO KNOW THEIR JOB! WORST EVER..I RATHER SPEND MONEY ON A NEW PHONE WHEN NEEDED THEN TO GO THOUGH THIS AGAIN!

    SCALE 1-10 ( 10 BEING BEST) : -1
    Customer service: HORRIBLE

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