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California Public Utilities Commission
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Phone Number: 1 800 649 7570* or TDD 1 800 229 6846


Net10 Wireless Complaints & Reviews

Net 10 Wireless / Phone and service

Tajsultani on Mar 21, 2017
I purchased a phone from Rite Aid - box said service starts at $35 - went online to activate - would only let me get the $80 package. I went to Pinzoo, purchased pin card - activated that way. (Net 10 no help!) I send the phone to my mother in TX. They gave her a recycled Houston TX # - she...

Net10 Wireless / Battery

Jennifer M Wilson on Nov 28, 2016
About 3weeks ago i purchased a phone online when recieved the wrong battery was in the package i callex an was assured the problem will be fixed an was told a replacement battery will be sent . i still have not recieved my replacement so now im stuck with a brand new phn that i cant use...

Net10 Wireless / Cell phone monthly plan getting what you pay for not a lie.

guitarevil on Oct 9, 2016
Been customer 6 years and .they have nerve resolved any problems they always Say sorry we can't help you .worse cell phone service .I got new plan this week and my high speed data never worked and the say when I call they say I reached my high speed data limit .I tell them I never had it...

Net 10 Wireless Prepaid Phone / Net 10 prepaid card

Redbird1951 on Sep 12, 2016
Bought a 25.00 prepaid card on 9/11/16 at Walgreens, 9/12/16 early afternoon went online to my account to activate the phone minutes as it ran out about a week ago. Upon this process, it had said that this card is not compatible with this phone card, which brought me to the realization...

Net10 Wireless / Defective Phone! NO DATA! Returned, No Replacement Came!

Godzilla Ate Mars on Mar 8, 2016
I upgraded my phone after a satisfactory experience with Net10. I continued to pay for my old phone (pay per month) so I could retain and transfer my phone number, as they directed me to do. I received my new phone but they did not transfer the number. This is a 20-year old number that I...

Net10 Wireless / Customer service... Worst androids ever !

I called Thursday about my daughter's phone . It had gotten a little damp last Saturday. I put it in rice for 48 hours . The screen is gone. I was told on Thursday that my daughter would have a replacement phone by Monday or Tuesday ... Basically 2 working days. Today I get an empty FedEx...

Net 10 Wireless / Bringing a new phone to net 10

Hank Citti on Jan 13, 2016
On 1-12-2016, I needed a new cell phone. I bough one I like but it was for AT&T. So I bought a kit for $50 to change to Net 10. Once I activated the phone I was told I could only use the unlimited plans and not the plan I had been using. I had been using the pay as you go plan, 300 minute...

NET 10 / The card was switched off after 2 days

Reviewer66251 on Nov 27, 2015
I am so angry. I have bought a card for my cell phone from Net 10. It was $35 for 10 days. I have used it about 2 days and one morning, when I tried to call, my card was switched off. This company turned it off and didn’t inform me about it. I couldn’t use it anymore and the support team...

Net 10 Wireless / Transfer service

Reviewer21550 on Oct 18, 2015
My phone number is 206-953-8042' my old phone is the one I am trying to have reconnected. The serial number is 356 987 034 358 224, SIM # is 890 141 032 552 747 463 54. I have been trying to transfer my Samsung old phone # to a HUAWEI phone given to me by a friend, since Monday...

Net10 Wireless / Disappointing

Reviewer55389 on Aug 18, 2015
I needed to find a lower priced cellular service. We are on a fixed income, I’m pre-cancerous, my husband is disabled, and costs were mounting. I did find a less expensive plan and wanted to try it out before definitely deciding to stop using Net10. I contacted Net10 by email saying I wa...

NET 10 / bought kit to start phone

Ru lake on Jun 2, 2015
I bought kit to start prepaid cell phone, called company net 10 to start kit is called bring you own phone they said it was activated on friday 5/29/2015 called today 6/2/2015 to talk, phone not on yet they tell me sim card not right for phone got this phone for vacation leave in two day...

NET10 / Their crappy customer service and APN settings

True Story Susan on Apr 20, 2015
I have been with Net10 for a good 3 or 4 years. Just recently I had bought a new phone from Net10WirelessPhones.com, where they sell unlocked GSM phones, so I could use the bring your own phone program Net10 has to offer. Every now and then I would experience slow data even though I had...

Net-10 cellphone / $35 Nationwide Talk and Text

jeraldmosley1 on Feb 23, 2015
I do like the net-10 cellphone, but when I purchase the cards $25, and attempt to apply the pin, it tells me to dial the 800 number. After this is done there are three or four more attempts before the code entry number is given. After this I receive the minutes. The card sold for $25, and...

NET10 / No Refund on unused service

AlexisMarlon on Dec 17, 2014
They were ok for about a year and a half, after that, it all went down hill for me. I started my pre-paid cycle on the 29 of each month and unfortunately I was enrolled in that automatic payment grrrrrr...so I had service from the 29 of month to like the 10th of the following month..called...

NET10 / Cellpay charged $54.84, amount arrached to my number is $47.00

Nancy Harpsterh on Nov 7, 2014
A charge of$47.00 locked. On to my phone number of $47.00.. Cellphone transaction did not work, phone was deactivated, upon calling to reactivate was charged $54.85...Disputing wuth my Charge Card/Credit card... Have a ticket# and pin number fot the transaction from Net10.. z REPRESENTATIVE SAYS NON REFUNDABLE. BAD BUSINESS!!

NET10 / Awful Tech Support

hmurray90 on Nov 4, 2014
Today I attempted to reactivate a phone I had used in the past. I followed the online instructions but it kept asking for a service code. I called into technical support to inquire about this code and what I thought would be a 10 minute phone called turned into a nightmare. The first...

NET10 / service

Regina Dixon on Oct 10, 2014
Absolutely IRRATE!! On MONDAY I switched my net10 phone number to a new net10 phone. Keep in mind this is my BUSINESS number. It took over 6 hours for my new phone to activate and once it did, I no longer had my original phone number. Today is FRIDAY and I have been on the phone with...

NET10 / No help and end chat sessions

mindyl on Oct 5, 2014
This is how Net10 treats customers- dont help you and then end chat sessions before issue is even resolved! [01:59 PM] Felice: Good day! My name is Felice. How may I assist you? [02:00 PM] mindy: need you to update my phones I have been...

NET10 / Basically i was robbed on a corporatr level

smilezply on May 5, 2014
> So first of all the let me start with hello.>I'm a nice person. But I've gota talk to someone About this cuz I'm getting walked on. :-/... > My name is Pennie Johnson... I'm just an average Joe. And I am getting thrown around by my tail and I'm begging u to...

NET10 / Will not replace defective SIM card

Borisfool on Apr 9, 2014
I purchased three "bring your own phone" $50.00 unlimited service packages. One of the SIM cards would not work and after hours on the phone with Nwt10 I was told to call a certain number and I would be sent a replacement SIM card. I quickly found out Net10 was not interested in sending me...

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