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Last year my wife and I booked a vacation through Bookit. comm to Sandos Resort in Playa Del Carmen Mexico. Without getting into too much detail about the horrors of the vacation that I posted on the Sandos Scam thread here "" The travel agent that advertised the resort as a 4 star resort as well as refused to post up my poor review of the place, has done nothing themselves to make good for a horrible vacation. They falsey advertise and selectively edit the actual reviews of the resort on their web site, in fact if you go to their site you will see the last updated review for Sandos is from October of 2009 and not one negative review. I find it hard to believe that there has been all positive reviews of Sandos, seeing the thread about Sandos and their deceptive practices.

As far as I'm concerned should stand behind the products they sell and tell the truth and stop deceiving people with their false reviews. Had I read this message board prior to going to Sandos, I would have went elsewhere.

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  • Bo
      13th of Dec, 2010
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    Dear Valued Guest,

    Please accept our sincere apologies for the situation you described. At® we take Customer Support very seriously. In fact, one of our core values states that if our customers are merely satisfied, we haven't done our job. Without knowing all the details it is difficult for me to make specific comments regarding your situation. So, if you would kindly fill out your information at, one of our Resolutions Representatives will personally assist you with your concerns.


  • Da
      13th of Dec, 2010
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    I have been through all that with Michale Maund of your customer service. I am tired of dealing with Sandos, and and the stress they have caused me and my family. I have since filed a complaint with the Florida Department of Consumer Affairs against your company, and plan on filing a small claims suit in an effort to recover my money I paid. Refunding my money is the only amicable resolution at this point. Your company should be embarrassed to endorse, promote and sell vacation packages to the Sandos Playa car as a 4 star resort. If i was able to post the pictures up here, you would be appalled at the conditions of the resort.

  • Da
      13th of Dec, 2010
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    My wife and I just returned from Sando Playa Car and were sucked up right off the plane and paid money($185 usd) to get 20 free tickets for tours and a day pass to the Palace resort.

    When we got to Sandos, we were met by a gentleman named Fernando who identified himself as a hotel HOST, and told us we had to attend breakfast with him the net morning where he would show us around. When we told him we were going to the Palace resort (which I have stayed in the past and LOVED IT) he said "Oh no, thats a scam.." and told us the hotel had insurance where they would pay us back $175 USD not to go to the Palace. We thought he was right and agreed to meet him the next morning. He then offered my 2 small children water guns, my wife and her sister a beach bag, myself a bottle of Kaluha and all 5 of us T-shirts for attending as well as the "Insurance money" back...

    Well the next morning we met Fernando only to realize we were in the middle of a Time Share sales pitch, under the guise of "showing us around the hotel".We were never shown anything but the famous white Villa 2 bedroom suite, then the Royal Elite sales office...The pitch went from an agreed 90 minute proposal to a 2 and 1/2 hour pitch, keep in mind I was with my wife, her 15 year old sister, my 4 year old son and 2 year old daughter, within view of the beach on our first morning there for 2 and 1/2 hours..I had to say "NO" like 50 times before they got the point after dropping the price from 38K USD to a mere $6K USD for 10 weeks over 5 years...It had the slime and stench of a used car sales pitch all over it.. How do you buy something before you even see the resort and stay there...

    I signed myself and wife out of the sales pitch after wasting all of our morning and recieved the $175 in cash but no gifts as promised by Fernando. My children then whined for a full day about the water guns promised them..When I complained at the Royal Elite desk, I was told that was Either the $175 OR the gifts...Pretty ### move if you ask me...

    I would have been better off going to the Palace for the day and getting free tours as promised...Since Fernando BS'd us, not that I was looking for free stuff, but dont promise my family stuff then dont deliver as a man of your word..

    Im lucky I did not purchase anything cause I HATED the Sandos...It was run down, falling apart and terribly maintained compared to the Moon Palace I stayed in last time in Mexico..

    The issues I had were with my room:
    1)Shower was unlevel and drained into the bathroom flooding it and the hallway, VERY dangerous with 2 small kids.
    2)swarm of ants in my room
    3)Human blood or Fecies on my bathroom wall
    4)poor room cleaning, dirty coffee cups left and fridge not restocked
    5)No sheets on my pull out bed, waited over 2 hours for them
    6) final straw was when my Air conditioner stopped working

    I was upgraded to a 2 bedroom suite after requesting to check out and book the next flight home..However that room was a pile of crap also..The roof leaked and I had to put 2 garbage pails to catch the water..The hot tubs took over an hour to fill and the room cleaning service was also horrible...

    I also noticed leaky roofs in many of the bars, bathrooms as well as broken and dangerous walkways around the facility..I would NEVER EVER return to Sandos..

    Add all of that combined with the Lies I was told by Fernando would keep me away from Sandos or referring any of my friends or family to Sandos...

  • Da
      13th of Dec, 2010
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    After all the drama I went through I contacted my Agent, and complained about the trip, I attempted to post a negative review of the Sandos on their website where you see all the reviews. I was contacted by a gentleman named Michael from their customer service who was fairly helpful but told me that the reviews need to get screened and are only updated every 4 months. Long story short, Michael was able to get me complimentary stay at Sandos for 7 nights and emailed me the certificate and told me to email [protected] when I chose my dates Which by the way excluded November 16th 2010 through April 17th 2011, and any and all holiday weeks. Basically leaving me a very small travel window. I immidiately contacted Sandos via email with my dates, and waited...And waited...And waited...After 3 emails, no reply for Sandos, which is what I figured.

    So I emailed and requested a refund for the trip since Sandos was not responding. Michael called be right back and did connect me with a woman from Sandos on the phone, who you guessed it, had no clue what I was talking about, and tole me I had no reservations. Well after 20 minutes of trying to explain to her I was trying to make reservations for a complimentary trip, I gave up. I can see it already, I cart my entire family down to Mexico and are left standing at the front desk of the Sandos Riveara with no reservations..I simply have no trust in these people and this resort..Anyone who goes to a Sandos is out of their mind. Im going to attempt to have my cousin who is a lawyer file suit against and Sandos for a refund. This is beyond inconvenient at this point...Im done being civil any trying to work with them, gloves are off.

  • Ba
      6th of May, 2013
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    Royal Elite/Sandos is a great resort, but the BIG problem with them are their timeshare sales tactics. Nobody likes to be harassed during vacations, but they seem not to care about that. You should check out this forum with some of the complaints made to Royal Elite timeshare sales tactics:

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