Hello, I have rented a car online from . When I arrived to malaga train station yesterday at 5:20 pm to pick up my car with my wife and kids, The employee at the desk seemed confused then he said that they gave our car by mistake to another person 5 minutes ago. That was because he had a similar surname!! They did not check the confirmation number nor the first name. Also he was supposed to pickup his car from the airport. Because of that we had to wait more than one hour to find another automatic car . We asked thm to bring the other person's car from the airport they said it was not available! This did not make sense! At the end they found another car opel but it did not have similar options as the one we requested vw golf. E.g. No sensor no bluetooth.
Time and nerves were wasted after a long trip. We did nit get the expected service for someone who pre booked along time before the trip.
Booking id es617044770
Ahmed alsalem

Jul 18, 2016

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