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I found a resort for an incredible price and found the booking was through Considering the price was much too good to be true I thought to call before booking. Did so and spoke to Derrick and asked him to confirm the price. He pulled up the info, saw the incredible price, he couldn't believe it either and wanted to check with his immediate supervisor. After a short wait he came back on and said the supervisor was calling the resort to confirm the pricing (strange I thought). I told him to call me back and said he would in a few minutes. Half an hour later I called him, asked what was going on and got the same answer.

Some time thereafter, I called again and asked to speak to a supervisor, and after a short while I got a woman named Tiffany and explained the situation and informed her of the poor customer service I received from Derrick. She took all the info and checked it out and came back shortly thereafter to inform me the price was incorrect and "in the rare case" of incorrect data input, has the right to cancel any booking.

Fortunately, I didn't book it. A few minutes later I checked the same web site and price and it had gone up! Can't trust em' and advise you to be cautious, be very cautious and having read some of the complaints above, I guess I was one of the lucky ones, having only lost time.

Makes me wonder about all those who have lost but have not complained here.


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