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I booked a trip with bookit for now Onxy in punta cana from April 23-28 (5nights) flying on westjet. Flight down to punta cana on April 23 was fine. When I arrived to to airport on April 28 (friday) I did not note any westjet terminals or flights listed on the board. It took me 40 mins to find someone that spoke a little English to tell me there is no westjet flights on Fridays. You can imagine how we felt being in a foreign country with no one speaking English or very little.

I called bookit and was advised by a female this was not bookit's fault it was the airline that changed the flight on april 27 to fly out on the April 27 cutting to trip a day short. The female also advised me it was my fault because I should have checked the flight schedule on the 27 and would have know it changed. That is a rediculas response for one I was on a excursion and had no means of checking flight schedules and didn't dream my fly would be the day before the scheduled one and if that was the case I expected I would have been notified in advance and would have expected bookit notify the hotel and reimburse me a nights stay. I actually received a email from bookit advising me of the flight change at 115pm on April 28 as I'm dealing with this mess. At no point did I receive any notification that the flight was changed to April 27th.

Next I called west jet and advised them of the issue where I was told that the airline notified bookit in jan of the flight change and had attempted to notify me but it was learned that the email bookit provided them was inaccurate and bounced back to them. The girl I talked to advised that the only flights she could get me on was flying from punta cana to Detroit on April 29 then Toronto on April 29th night, I would have to stay in Toronto over night then catch a flight to Montreal in the am with 4 hours sleep and then to Moncton getting me home on April 30 at 3pm.

To me this is highly unexceptionable, I had a child and a dog that got sick and was staying with my mother that I needed to get home too. My boyfriend missed a day of work. I know weather can make delays but this is rediculas.

I don't know who mess up our flight but I do know it was not mine me. And I believe something should be done. You just can't mess up someone's life and think it's ok and no big deal. I literally started to have a panic attack when I learned there was no flights and I would be two days later getting home. And would have to find a place to stay in a foreign country that I know nothing about and there were no west jet representatives even working at the airport to help.
Also I have bad sinus and it kills me to fly and now I don't have two flights I have four to get back to New Brunswick. I have booked many trips with bookit and haven't had any major issues, I have never flown west jet but it will be a long time before I use either again this experience just ruined a great trip. Then on top of everything we get our bags at the Moncton airport and our suit case does not come out the baggage pickup then it's finally the last bag out and it is all mangled.

These are the expenses I accumulated

Hotel on 28th night in punta cana-$215.65
Supper punta cana-1772.80(pas) $42 us=$58 Canadian
Dinner on 29th-$23.21 Canadian (in Detroit)
Hotel on 29th in Toronto- $145.77 Canadian
Supper on 29th-$21.90 Canadian
Cell charges for using my phone in punta cana to call airline, bookit and hotels-$20 Canadian
2 extra days parking-$28 Canadian
Loss of work- $400 Canadian
Suit case-$100 Canadian

May 4, 2017

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