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wembley, United Kingdom
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I made a booking for a 7 days stay at this hotel checking in on the7th of january 2017. This was mainly based  on the following, proximity to business client, free wifi, parking (Stated to be available on site) when I got the hotel last night I found that there was no parking available an that the parking lot was full. I spoke to the receptionist who apologised several times after I was told her that I had confirmed with the hotel by telephone before making the booking. I was told by the hotel staff member that parking was available. Following this I made the booking hoping for a peace of mind.
However, on getting to hotel there was no parking available as already stated above. I was then told that if at all a parking space became available out the only 4-5 spaces available for the whole hotel, the parking charge is £12 per/night.   in total I would have to pay £84 for the 7 nights with parking not guaranteed. Also the fact that as I found out then from posters in that hotel parking costs £ 30 on event days.
The receptionist then advised me that I should drive to the nearest holiday inn and park there at a charge of £12 per night. As I was tired from a very long journey with no-where else to go, I did go look for parking at the holiday inn and there was no parking available. There was no other nearby parking available and also the hotel drop off area had cars parked there with no parking available on site it meant I could not park. I made a decision to go back to reception (Risking a parking ticket)  and managed to compromise for me to off-load my heavy luggage for a 7 days stay.
I managed to stay overnight but with the fear that my car was not parked safely and I was at the mercy of the hotel staff.
The other available parking lot available only on wembley stadium event days was simply unaffordable as it is charged by the hour. As I gathered there was no usable parking nearby to enable me to stay at the hotel without suffering great inconvenience.   
This meant I was forced to check out at 7am this morning for something that could have be avoided had this site been specific about the parking restrictions, the applicable charges and none available to very limited parking  most hotels show the £ sign on booking. com clearly shows parking is chargeable. At least this would have made me look for another site. This information that they have advertised all over the hotel about the cost of parking at the hotel site is not reflected on booking. com. This is misleading and very costly as in my case. As I was forced to check out for reasons caused by misleading advertising I would like to be refunded for the remaining nights I have not used.
When I then asked to be transferred to a different ibis hotel in borehamwood, I was told this could not be done and that i would have to make a new booking at that hotel.

The decision to check out early the next morning was a difficult one. However, I had no choice but to check-out due to not being guaranteed parking on or around the area due the wembley stadium event days parking restrictions throughout the brent borough. This is why I needed a hotel with parking based on room availability for the days for my stay.
This has caused me to move to a different hotel 2 miles away with chargeable parking as advertised on their website on booking. com. At least here I can park on the hotel grounds without wondering where I would leaving my car every night for seven nights in a row.

I have nothing but praises for the hotel reception staff as this was beyond their job roles. They tried their best to re-assure me when I raised my complaint. The hotel facilities are excellent. The staff told me they would inform the hotel manager when he comes in. However, I am rather stunned that no management from either the hotel or boooking. com has responded to my complaint and request for a refund.
I look forward to your response in resolving this matter.
Susan mpofu

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    No further action to be taken. Resolved

Jan 10, 2017

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