SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / huge one bedroom, steps to public transportation by stars of boston

Brookline, MA, United States

I made a reservation from Oct 25 to Oct 28 at Huge One Bedroom in Brookline, MA and received a booking confirmation.
Today, when I arrived in Boston I called the host to ask for directions (the street number was missing on the website) and I have been told the apartment was no longer available. They said they had informed and asked them to prevent me, but I have never received such an e-mail.
Anyway, since I insisted the lady told me she could gave us a room just for the first night. I asked for directions but she didn't answer and said she would have sent a taxi to pick us up. We waited for the taxi for half an hour before deciding to move away (it was getting dark and it was raining as well).
It took us more than 2 hours to find another place to stay in Brookline and, of course, the only room we could find was very expensive.
I have been using for years and in many different countries and this is the first time I face such an unpleasant situation.
I would ask you to verify the reliability of this company and, in case they charge me anything, a complete refund.

Oct 25, 2017

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